Careers for Busy Moms

careers for moms

Moms have a full plate; but, this doesn’t mean that working is not an option. Qualities to look for in the best jobs for busy moms include well-paying jobs, jobs that celebrate children, paid maternity leave, good daycare benefits, flexible schedule, part-time employment, the ability to work from home and jobs that offer fair wages for both genders. 

Best Jobs for Busy Moms

Dental Hygienist

Dental hygienists often have the benefit of working part-time hours, allowing them the time to spend with their children, take them to their appointments and maintain the home without becoming exhausted with the busy schedule of a full time job. A dental hygienist is also a high paying job with the median annual pay being around $67,000. It is a job that allows for interaction with adults and kids, one that offers a great deal of respect, and one that is flexible.


Women are naturally nurturers in life, and many find themselves in a career that was built for them in Chinese medicine and healing. Independent practitioners set their hours and work with adults and children. An acupuncturist is a job that pays well, is flexible (as moms can often set their hours) and one that is rewarding. The median annual pay of an acupuncturist is around $59,000 per year. You can even set up your own home studio in a basement in-law.

Market Research Analyst

Moms are detail oriented in their busy lives. Their role is to care and keep their children safe, make wise choices for them, and nurture their children in the best possible manner. Becoming a market research analyst is right up the alley of many moms as they already portray many of the necessary qualities needed in the career. A market research analyst helps marketing firms to determine what is important to a company based on available market data. Many contractors have the option to work from home, allowing moms to be near their children at all hours of the day.


Healthcare is an industry that operates around the clock, making a career as a sonographer one that is ideal for working mothers. Moms can work in a career that is rewarding and share ultrasound moments with expectant mothers. It’s also a job that is flexible and pays well. It’s possible to work a variety of shifts to accommodate a busy schedule. The median annual pay of a sonographer is about $60,000.

Web Developer

Web developers are for the creative moms that love to show their creativity. Many moms who work in this career work as independent contractors or freelancers. Web developers are the ideal choice for stay at home moms who want to work around the kids and their busy schedules. The median annual pay of a web developer is around $60,000 per year, but some can earn six figures at larger companies.

Pilates / Yoga Instructor

Pilates / yoga instructors are often self-employed, offering flexible schedules to busy moms. Instructors that work in a studio or gym can often swap classes to help one another with unexpected commitments. The job is one that is rewarding and includes working with adults and children. The median annual pay of a pilates / yoga instructor is around $52,000.

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