Google+ (or Plus) as a Job Search Tool

Using google plus for job searchThough Google Plus has gained popularity since it was launched by the search engine giant Google, a lot of people including jobseekers are yet to realize its fullest potential. Like you use LinkedIn and Facebook (no, it’s not just for family and friends) to expedite your job search process, you can use Google+ (or Plus) as well, provided you know how to do it.

Social media networks are playing a huge role in helping jobseekers land a job of their interest, quickly. If you are not yet on Google+, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to connect with potential employers, interviewers, hiring managers and recruiters. You really need to act now!

How to use Google Plus when you are looking for a job:

Know the Key Features

Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn; each of them work in a specific way with their unique features and functionalities. Before you are able to get the most out of your time spent on Google+, you need to make yourself aware of all its features and how they work together.

Using Google+ to find a job is not just about creating a profile and leaving it there for weeks or months.

One of the most important features of the social network, in question, are circles which allows you to connect with employers, industry experts, hiring managers and recruiters. In fact, you can also use this feature to connect with employees who are already working in your target companies.

Once you have started to connect with the right people via circles, you should also engage them through conversations.

It’s a video-chat service. However, you’ll need to use this feature in a smart way rather than directly asking for a job. By participating with influential persons and professionals, you can choose to discuss important topics related to your industry or field of work. By participating in hangouts, you can indirectly attract the participants’ attention towards your unique talents and skills. All depends on what kind of people you choose to hang out with.

Have an Up-to-Date and Optimized Profile

One surefire way of increasing your visibility on Google+ is to have a profile that’s completely up-to-date and fully optimized for the keywords that related to your most important skills and talents. While optimizing the profile, you should remember to include those industry-related keywords that potential employers may use to conduct a search to find candidates. In short, your Google+ profile should actually look like an online resume.

Share Value-Added Content

Apart from connecting with professionals and expanding your network, you should also use the Google+ platform to share valuable blog posts, articles, or your own thoughts on relevant topics. The social network’s unique features also allow you to share a specific piece of content with a specific group or category of people created via the circles features. This is an excellent way to get noticed and attract the attention of those who are looking for candidates like you.

Ask Questions

One of the proven ways of attracting people’s attention through social media is by asking intelligent questions. Whether you want to broaden your network, engage others or showcase your expertise, asking relevant and intelligent questions is a good way to achieve all these.

Provided you abide by all the above mentioned tips and guidelines, you can be sure to use Google Plus as a powerful job hunting tool.

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