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5 Mistakes You May be Making on Applications for Employment

job application mistakes

It’s normal to not hear back from some applications for employment you send in, especially when you are applying to hundreds of positions in your job search.  You may not be hearing back for valid reasons such as being unqualified, having too much experience, or because someone was hired before your application was received.   But […]

Pros and Cons of Allowing Children in the Workplace

children in the workplace

As more and more companies look to improve their employees’ work/life balance and accommodate the family lifestyle, the topic of whether or not children should be permitted in the workplace has been heavily debated.  Nowadays, it is very common for both parents in a household to work in order to bring in the income needed […]

Best Jobs in Healthcare Without a Medical Degree

pharmacist jobs

The healthcare industry is ever-growing and ever-evolving.  The need for it will never go away, and nowadays the demand for quality healthcare is greater than ever, with longer life expectancies and expanded insurance coverage for the population under Obamacare.  Of course, healthcare is an attractive profession to work in because not only can it be […]

8 Surefire Ways to Advance Your Career

career advancement

In this world, those of us that have jobs are fortunate.  But it is so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of generating that daily paycheck that we fail to focus on the bigger picture and think about how we can best advance our careers.  While being employed is a respectable […]

How to Sidestep Politics and Drama in the Workplace

office gossip

Workplace politics and drama can be a big roadblock to your progress on the job.  Though extremely detrimental, it can be tempting for many to engage in negative behavior such as gossip instead of focusing on their own personal work responsibilities.  Not only can engaging with politics in the workplace too much cause you more […]

Pursuing a Career in Medical Radiologic Technology

radiologic technologist

Due to the outstanding technological advances taking place in the healthcare field, medical radiologic technology is one of the most rapidly growing career fields in the United States. Technology now allows medical conditions such as cancer, heart issues and prenatal health problems to be detected and treated earlier than ever.  As a result, more and […]

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