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jobs for good listenersThe ability to be a good listener is too often overlooked and under appreciated in the world today.  Many people have a tendency to lose focus, interrupt, and miss significant points when someone is trying express in detail an important problem or situation they are looking to resolve, and this is the root of many misunderstandings.  In order to solve any problem or carry out any task correctly, a person must develop good listening habits.  But the people that possess this valuable skill may not always think of it when someone asks about their skill set in relation to their career path.  There are numerous jobs for good listeners that can lead to successful and fruitful careers.  Here are some of them below:

1)      Counseling

There are many different types of counseling careers, including career counselors, drug counselors and psychologists, and they all require the counselor to know how to listen effectively in order to understand the issues the client is struggling with, and determine how they can be resolved.  It is important that the client feel validated, that their problems and emotions matter and the person they are talking to is paying attention.  Some counseling jobs, such as marriage or family therapists, require the counselor to listen to multiple peoples’ take on a certain issue, and draw a conclusion based on everyone’s perspective, which only a person with good listening habits can do.  Most counseling jobs require at least a bachelor’s degree, and often a master’s degree.

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2)      Journalism

In order to publish accurate information and quotes, whether for a newspaper, magazine or television program, a journalist must be a good listener.  Missing one detail that someone they are interviewing says could mean missing the point that ties their entire news article together.  A journalist needs to be fair and unbiased in their manner of reporting, so it is essential they are able to see every side of an issue they are investigating.   Many journalists get hired with an undergraduate degree (often with a Journalism or English major) and can go on to pursue a master’s degree if they choose.

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3)      Business Consulting

Business consultants specialize in a specific aspect of business, whether that be sales, finance, legal or corporate communications, and look to improve these areas for companies they take on as clients.  In order to know what changes need to be made and how, the consultant must have a deep understanding of the inner workings of the company, and any history behind it.  That means before anything can be accomplished there must be a large chunk of time set aside for researching the company and listening effectively to the client to gauge where they are at with their business and what concerns they have.  Most business consultants have a master’s degree, as well as years of experience in the field they specialize in.

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4)      Customer Service

Most industries need customer service, including healthcare facilities, retail stores and financial institutions.  Paying attention to customers and their problems, complaints and praises is one of the most effective ways to understanding how the company can be improved overall.  In order for a customer service representative, specialist, or advisor to be effective at their job, they must be a good listener, and also be patient and pleasant with people.  Most customer service positions only require a high school diploma.

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