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5 Signs Your Boss Doesn’t Like You, and How to Handle Them

signs your boss doesn't like you

Do you find yourself feeling down on the job because you don’t get a positive vibe from your boss, and feel they don’t like you?  Not only is any relationship that doesn’t make you feel good about yourself hard to deal with, but you could also be anxious about the future of your job, which […]

Got Irritating Co-Workers? Here’s How to Deal with Them

dealing with irritating co-workers

If you have worked at least a couple jobs in your lifetime, it is likely you have had to deal with an irritating co-worker at some point or another.  Maybe they constantly undermined you during meetings, talked excessively while you are trying to get work done, or played their music too loud.  Being in the […]

Got the Job? Here are 5 Things You Must Do in Your First Week

first week on the job

Starting a new job is a very exciting time.  But with the excitement comes some pressure.  This is no time to slack or be distracted; you want to be on point and make the best possible first impression.  In your first week at a job, you are taking in a whole new atmosphere, new people […]

Take Back Your Life: How to Do More Work in Less Time

how to do more work in less time

Stop patting yourself on the back for always being the last one to leave work.  While you are putting in extra hours and slaving away, it is very possible that your co-workers not only have a more enjoyable life outside of work than you, but they also may be accomplishing the same amount of work, […]

Get Rid of These Habits That Can Ruin Your Reputation at Work

ruin reputation at work

One simple way to reduce work stress is to maintain a good reputation with your co-workers and superiors.  If you feel respect from those you work with, you can get along better with others and feel more comfortable in general which improves your level of productivity.  But it’s easy to loosen up on self-discipline after […]

Curb the Frustration: 6 Habits Damaging Your Work Productivity

improve productivity at work

You finish your day exhausted, yet feeling you have accomplished nothing.  You are constantly in a rushed and panicked mood over everything that has to be done, and just as you think you are settling down to get to that super important task you have been putting off, something else always seems to come up.  […]

Want to Telecommute? Look No Further Than Customer Service

telecommute customer service jobs

The trend of telecommuting jobs or working at home is growing rapidly.  According to the latest statistics from Global Workplace Analytics, 50% of the U.S. workforce holds a job that allows them to telecommute at least part time.  And a recent Gallup poll found that in the past 10 years (from 1995 to 2015), the […]

Full Steam Ahead: Workplace Trends Gaining Ground in 2016

workplace trends

As 2016 commences, we are seeing some significant trends in the workplace that more and more companies are adopting.  Business as usual has evolved in a powerful way over time, giving the term “9 to 5” a run for its money.  Factors such as globalization, technology and retiring baby boomers have changed the landscape of […]