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5 Signs Your Boss Doesn’t Like You, and How to Handle Them

signs your boss doesn't like you

Do you find yourself feeling down on the job because you don’t get a positive vibe from your boss, and feel they don’t like you?  Not only is any relationship that doesn’t make you feel good about yourself hard to deal with, but you could also be anxious about the future of your job, which […]

How to Sidestep Politics and Drama in the Workplace

office gossip

Workplace politics and drama can be a big roadblock to your progress on the job.  Though extremely detrimental, it can be tempting for many to engage in negative behavior such as gossip instead of focusing on their own personal work responsibilities.  Not only can engaging with politics in the workplace too much cause you more […]

How to Prove Your Value to a Potential Employer

Making Yourself a Valuable Employee

Companies advertise thousands of jobs in different categories on a regular basis. But the number of job applicants is much greater than the number of available job vacancies. Every candidate has to vie against another so as to attract the attention of a potential employer and prove their worth. Unless and until you’re able to […]