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Workplace Lunch Recipes

work lunch recipes

Yesterday we discussed great ways to save money throughout the workday, and one of the methods was bringing your own lunch to work. But it does not have to be a plain old sandwich or a microwave dinner. You can get creative and make restaurant quality food for a fraction of the cost. The following […]

Slackers Beware: Reputation is Crucial

Lazy Employee

Some people prefer to take a “slacker” mentality to the workplace. It’s a state of mind, but if you’ve gained the reputation of being a lazy worker it could have dramatic ramifications on the outlook for your career.  Managers want employees who work hard and are willing to make sacrifices. If you stay at the […]

Summer Employment: Strike While the Iron is Hot!

side jobs

Right now is prime time for finding summer employment opportunities. The best opportunities come to those who are motivated and start their hunt earlier than the rest of the pack. Even summer internships are hiring, although it is a little late in the season for the premier opportunities. Summer jobs aren’t just for students, either. […]

Top 5 Starter Jobs of 2015

entry level jobs

Right now is an excellent time to hit the job market. According to recent reports released by Monster, CareerBuilder, and other organizations, the national hiring rate will increase. Job creation means the economy is doing well, and 2015 is no exception. If you are currently looking for work, consider one of the following options. These […]

The Mobile Device Job Market

cell phone jobs

Mobile devices have revolutionized the way people access information. More and more people are gaining the ability to access information on the go, and the popularity is only increasing over time. As a result of this popularity, the future is bright for the job market. Have you ever thought about a career working with cellphones […]

Top Jobs for Business & Finance Graduates

business jobs

Majoring in business, finance, or a related field is usually a great decision. There are plenty of jobs available for qualified candidates and most of them pay very well. It’s a lucrative career path with plenty of options. Some opt for personnel management positions, while others prefer to manage a process rather than people. With […]

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