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Majoring in business, finance, or a related field is usually a great decision. There are plenty of jobs available for qualified candidates and most of them pay very well. It’s a lucrative career path with plenty of options. Some opt for personnel management positions, while others prefer to manage a process rather than people. With a job for virtually every personality type, the business and finance field is an excellent place to start and finish a length and successful career. Here are the best jobs in this category. Be aware that the positions listed are usually considered entry-level, but will almost always lead to bigger and better opportunities.

Best Business and Finance Careers of 2015

1.)   Leadership Development

A lot of larger organizations have taken to hiring recent college graduates and admitting them into leadership development programs, which are catered to teaching excellent students and potential leaders valuable management and leadership skills. Most leadership development programs are in Risk Management and Finance, but there are other opportunities available like Engineering, Information Technology, and Marketing. The reason these jobs crack the list is mainly due to the advancement opportunities that present themselves. Pretty much every member will experience some degree of success in the business & finance world. It’s a great way for companies to train excellent leaders. A lot of successful CFO’s, COO’s, and CFO’s have graduated from leadership programs.

2.)   Financial Analyst

The typical day to day activities or a financial analyst will certainly vary, but they are mainly focused on financial reporting and forecasting. For these types of positions, companies will hire entry level graduates, but it helps to have internship or work experience. Financial analysts make a great starting salary and learn the financial side of the business from the ground up. But, most don’t stay in this role for long. Once they learn the ropes they advance to better and higher paying positions. If wealth management, financial planning & forecasting, and investment operations sound interesting, then consider a role as a financial analyst.

3.)   Business Analyst

Becoming a business analyst won’t happen overnight. In fact, many entry level candidates are not qualified for these roles since they usually require on-the-job experience. It’s more of a role that you work your way into immediately following your entry-level positon. Analysts have different responsibilities at different companies, but they mainly focus on data and financial analysis, and regularly contact clients and associates to maintain good business relationships. In order to find an entry-level business analyst position you might need to look into smaller companies since they are more likely to hire a candidate with less experience. It’s easy to train smart candidates as functional business analysts.

4.)   Junior Accountant

You don’t need to major in accounting to become an accountant, although it’s definitely the most relevant path when attempting to start a career. There are plenty of business & finance majors who have found careers in accounting, so consider yourself no exception. It’s a great career with a very low unemployment rate. Plus, you can start your own accounting service for friends, family, and your own client base.

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