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Four Work Qualities to Improve on in the New Year

new year work advice

Nobody likes change.  Throughout the year, we start to realize deep down certain aspects of ourselves and our work we can improve on, but figure we will address it at another time.  Making these small changes could make our lives so much easier, yet it is so difficult sometimes to actually find the time to […]

In Demand Biotech Jobs

pharmaceutical jobs

Most employees working in Biotech or Pharmaceutical companies experience excellent job satisfaction. The benefits are top-notch, and it’s a great place to work for those who are highly educated. The nature of the work can be truly fascinating, and often time the products being developed can dramatically improve or even save lives. Biotechnology is a […]

Old School Business Practices That Are Still Relevant

conservative business

Yesterday we talked about the best career for workers associated with a virtual network, but what about the old school business professionals? We’re talking about work done on paper, meetings done in person, and beginning / ending all business-related discussions in a firm handshake. You don’t need to be “old” to appreciate this type of […]

Great Professions on a Virtual Network

virtual networks

The days of old school business techniques are coming to an end. A new age of technology-based industry is taking over, and as a result, new jobs are being created. Many companies see the advantage of operating under a virtual network, although there are definitely drawbacks to this business strategy. The advances of using a […]

Four Roles for Saving the Planet

best green jobs

The world consumes natural resources at an unsustainable rate, so monitoring and regulating our consumption are paramount in guaranteeing access to clean air and water into the future. Heavily industrialized countries with limited regulations have shown us just how serious pollution and unsustainable practices can be to the local environment. Need proof? Check out some […]

Five Entry-Level Jobs for Adventurous Seafarers

jobs for seafarers

As the temperature gets colder and colder, many Americans conjure up more and more fantasies of the ocean and tropical paradise.  While this is definitely an ideal time of year for planning a vacation, what if it were possible for you enjoy warm weather and beautiful blue seas while making money at the same time?  […]

Financial Advice for College Graduates

money management tips

Finding your first high paying job is a great feeling. The average college graduate is typically saddled with student debt, so earning a good salary comes as a relief. However, young adults are usually terrible with finances. (Even though they think they are the best.) To them, more money means fancier apartments, a new car, […]

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