Tips for the Job Seekers of 2015

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2014 is quickly coming to a close, but January is one of the best times to start fresh and find that new career you’ve always dreamed about. Job seekers who make contact with recruiters at the end of December / beginning of January stand the best chance of landing a job. The first quarter is an important time for businesses, and hiring during this period makes perfect sense. Hiring managers have clarity into overall yearly financials, and have a good idea of where the company is headed based on progression from the past year. They realize their strengths and weaknesses, and hire capable employees to fill these voids. Here are some tips to get your job hunt on track for 2015. Whatever your background might be, consider the New Year as a fresh start and hit the ground running.

1.)    Optimize Your Resume

Often times it’s helpful to have a second set of eyes for correcting issues in your resume or recommending improvements to the existing content. Some key mistakes could be the reason you haven’t already landed the job of your dreams. For the more popular jobs, it’s likely that hundreds of other qualified individuals are applying for the same position.  Take a look over the job description, and make sure your resume contains the important keywords. Companies use software to sift through resumes, and the first thing analyzed is whether or not certain keywords are present. By optimizing your documents you ensure that your resume moves to the top of the pile off the bat. This will significantly increase your chances of landing an interview.

2.)    Job Alerts

Take advantage of automated features. It will make your job hunt that much easier. In fact, by registering for an account on JobDiagnosis you can set yourself up to receive automated updates on job matches in your area / surrounding areas. The internet is an amazing tool, and having automated systems in place will help you locate more potential job opportunities. Consider downloading our mobile app to further assist in this process. By using all of the tools at your disposal you’ll stand a better chance of finding a suitable career. Let the internet take some of the burden off of your shoulders.

3.)    Retraining

If the opportunities for advancement in your current role are few and far between, then consider learning a new skill. There are many programs that can be completed in two years or less, like Nursing, Physical Therapy Assistance, Dental Hygiene, and Medical Assistance. Having a strong educational background and proper training can make a huge difference in your job hunt. See 2015 as a time to better yourself, and set some goals for the future. For those with a bachelor’s degree, consider pursuing a graduate-level education to specialize your talents and land a higher-level position.

4.)    Enhance Your Wardrobe

If you plan to actively seek employment, it will likely mean multiple interviews and face to face meetings. Up that wardrobe and make yourself look as good as possible. First impressions are everything, and if you look your best it will help your chances of landing a job. Most human resources workers will admit that solid appearance is an important factor, especially in positions that involve direct client or customer contact. Find some clothes that fit well and dress the part. It’s a great way to bolster your success rate when looking for work, and something that’s in your control. Dressing your best will also make you feel better about yourself and increase overall confidence levels. Dress for the position you want, not the one you have.


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