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Getting Into a Great School

college admissions process

As a high school student, only you can control which schools will accept your application. You have to work hard to achieve these goals. If you have excellent grades and great SAT / ACT scores, you can pretty much get into any college that you want. Some of these schools are more affordable than others […]

How Technology has Redefined the Workplace

tech in the workplace

It’s no doubt that technological innovations in recent years have changed the way many companies conduct business, opening up a whole new realm of possibilities for both employees and clients. Tools like Skype (which allows for instant messaging, voice and video chat to and from anyone, anywhere in the world) have made rich, productive communication […]

How to Become a Firefighter


If working for your community and prioritizing public safety sound appealing to you, then you should consider becoming a firefighter. It’s an excellent job that pays well. The national average for firefighters is $43,000 per year. Most of the time firefighters work twenty four hour shifts, and average twenty days off per month. This allows […]

Top 5 Resume Keywords

best resume keywords

When you are writing or editing your resume, you need to consider the manner in which that information will make its way to employers. Resumes are frequently filtered through software programs, since online postings have made the competition fierce. If they use software, enhancing your documents with proper keywords can really go a long way. […]

Topics to Avoid During an Interview

interview topics

Chances are that if you have been on an interview many different topics were discussed. The main objective for an interviewer is to extract information from potential candidates. You need to come prepared to answer all of the possible questions, but there are definitely some topics that you should avoid at all costs. If these […]

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