Music and Work Productivity

music and work productivity

These days, people spend the better part of their waking hours at work. So it makes sense that one would not only want to make their work day not only as pleasant as possible, but as productive as possible.  Many office jobs today make it convenient to listen to music, when doing tasks that require an employee to sit at their desk and do not involve communicating verbally with other employees.  And especially with the dawn of ITunes and Pandora radio, employees are also able to be picky about their music.

In life, perception is everything.  It is amazing what human beings can accomplish when in the right state of mind, and music has a miraculous way of making that happen.  The noise of music can bring many people out of the noise in their minds, allowing them to focus back on the task at hand during the workday.   That said, it is important to carefully pick the right type of music depending on your current mood and the mood you are trying to accomplish to make you most effective at your job.  Below are some thoughts on how to use music to its fullest advantages during your workday:

Music can produce emotions that greatly enhance creativity. 

The blog Imagine Out Loud explains how music affects different parts of the brain and produces particular physical responses.  The article also suggests different types of music and the effect each produces.

Music can motivate you. 

In the morning when you are still groggy, it may be best to turn on some upbeat, fast-paced music to jump-start your day.  This type of music can also set the pace for rhythmic, repetitive tasks (such as typing and filing).  Music genres that could accomplish this are funk and techno.

Music can reduce stress. 

During times of the day where pressure is at a peak, it may help to listen to something soothing and serene, such as classical music or New Age music.  I personally prefer New Age musical projects such as Enigma that include Gregorian chants and tribal sounds.

Music can help you focus. 

According to CBSNews, music heightens an individual’s dopamine levels, the same way that other positive activities such as exercise does.  More dopamine means a clearer mind. 

Comfortable Atmosphere 

While it is always an option to use headphones and listen to whatever music suits each particular person, if an office can agree somewhat on a particular soundtrack to get them all through the day, it can have its benefits as well.  An article from Bloomberg Businessweek suggests that music in the workplace can actually create a more comfortable atmosphere between co-workers.

Music can create variety that makes the day go by faster. 

While I would not suggest constantly changing the type of music or artist you are listening to as that would be a distraction, it might be a good idea to have a few different flavors of music at different times of the day.  This can break up the day (kind of like lunch and coffee breaks do) and make it seem less monotonous.

Obviously, every individual is different in regards to this subject.  Some may find that music distracts them, while others thrive in a music-fueled environment.  It also depends on the type of job a person is doing, and the type of workplace they are in.  But in the fast-paced culture of today, it is definitely a good thing to be able to find a way to work in some good tunes while racing to meet that deadline.  And one thing is for sure, sometimes the only thing that can take a person to that mental place they desire is just a good song.

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