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best resume keywords

When you are writing or editing your resume, you need to consider the manner in which that information will make its way to employers. Resumes are frequently filtered through software programs, since online postings have made the competition fierce. If they use software, enhancing your documents with proper keywords can really go a long way. It can take a resume that otherwise would have been tossed into the garbage and make it a leading candidate on the short list. The language should always relate directly back to the job that you are applying for, which means that you should change your resume depending on the jobs you want. However in general, there are some major keywords that you should focus on to strengthen your chances of landing a new career. Here are a few of the best.

1.)    Punctual

Having a stellar history with excellent punctuality can be the highlight of your resume. You will need former employers to back up your claims, but that shouldn’t be a problem if you are honest. Many positions, especially in Food & Beverage and Retail, rely on worker punctuality and attendance. If you have ever worked in one of these roles, you know just how detrimental a consistently late or sick coworker can be for the team. The job needs to get done, and if there are less people working it will mean longer hours for everyone else. If you are always on time for work, and rarely call in sick, you should highlight this on your resume!

2.)    Leader

Even if you do not manage employees, having leadership qualities can be very desirable to hiring managers. Excellent natural leaders are hard to come by, but you need to have some type of proof to back up your claims. This can set you up for a management or team leadership role.

3.)    Loyalty

Being fully loyal to your company is a desirable trait. It shows that as long as your company is treating you with respect and providing you with reasonable accommodations you are happy to stick around. Make sure you have a good explanation ready for your interview as to why you are changing companies. Even though you are changing roles, it does not necessarily mean that you are being unloyal. It just shows that you are trying to expand your horizons and further your career, and also that you will do everything in your power to further your work affiliations and relationships.

4.)    Goal Oriented

Having a clear picture of what needs to get accomplished and planning the best way to get it done is a very desirable skill to employers. The job market is all about finding workers who can be the most efficient and accurate. If you have a clear set of goals in mind and know how to execute them, you will become a sought after job candidate.

5.)    Negotiation

This shows the hiring managers that you are serious about results and willing to negotiate terms in order to provide outcomes that serve the best interests of your organization. Depending on the size of the deals, this could mean millions or even billions of dollars for your company. Negotiation skills are a sought after trait, and you should definitely include it somewhere in your resume.

Many resumes are put directly into keyword scanners, so you need to cater it to these specifications. It is always a great idea to alter your resume for each position you apply for, and make sure the language aligns with the job description.  Giving yourself the best chance to land the job should always be your number one priority.

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