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Got A High School Diploma? Apply for These High Paying Jobs

high paying jobs with only a high school diploma

Let’s face it: college just isn’t an option for everybody.  For many, it is just simply not worth the debt they will accumulate.  Besides that, it is a huge sacrifice of time that doesn’t necessarily guarantee a higher paycheck.  While society may tell us that a degree is required to make it in the world […]

The Thrills and Glamour of a Career in Restaurant Management!

restaurant management careers

A career in restaurant management has many thrills.  If you love the nightlife, schmoozing and socializing, being involved in celebrations, and absorbing new cultures, this may be the perfect job for you.  Qualities that make a good restaurant manager include being outgoing, strong analytical skills, and the ability to thrive in a fast-paced atmosphere. A […]

Got the Job? Here are 5 Things You Must Do in Your First Week

first week on the job

Starting a new job is a very exciting time.  But with the excitement comes some pressure.  This is no time to slack or be distracted; you want to be on point and make the best possible first impression.  In your first week at a job, you are taking in a whole new atmosphere, new people […]

IT HelpDesk Jobs: Now That’s a Step in the Right Direction!

IT helpdesk jobs

If you are looking for a job that brings in a high salary and is achievable without a bachelor’s degree, consider pursuing a career in information technology.  The average salary for IT professionals is currently $85,619 according to  It says many people that work in this industry only need some work experience and IT […]

Take Back Your Life: How to Do More Work in Less Time

how to do more work in less time

Stop patting yourself on the back for always being the last one to leave work.  While you are putting in extra hours and slaving away, it is very possible that your co-workers not only have a more enjoyable life outside of work than you, but they also may be accomplishing the same amount of work, […]

Health Comes First: Insurance Tips for Jobseekers

health insurance tips for jobseekers

Many jobseekers aren’t aware of the health insurance options they have, both while they are unemployed and when they begin a new job.  Nowadays, it is particularly important to have health coverage, because federal regulations impose penalty fines on individuals who don’t have health insurance.  But just the idea of choosing a health insurance plan […]

Get Rid of These Habits That Can Ruin Your Reputation at Work

ruin reputation at work

One simple way to reduce work stress is to maintain a good reputation with your co-workers and superiors.  If you feel respect from those you work with, you can get along better with others and feel more comfortable in general which improves your level of productivity.  But it’s easy to loosen up on self-discipline after […]

Want to Be Your Own Boss? Now is the Time for Franchise Jobs!

franchise jobs

Many of the jobs that contributed to the growth in food service and retail jobs last month are the result of growing franchises.  Franchise jobs are a huge help to the economy, since they are constantly growing and producing employment opportunities.  What’s more, working for a franchise gives you the opportunity to own one yourself […]

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