Most Marketable College Majors

top marketable college majorsSo you have made the decision to attend college, and like many of us, you are not sure what you want your major to be. Some people are lucky and know what they want to do before they step foot on campus. However, for many freshman, choosing a career is a difficult decision that does not happen overnight. When you pick a college major, you want to do what you love. However, some majors are more marketable than others. At the end of the day, you want to pick a major that you will not only love, but also will help you find a career once you graduate college.

Marketable College Majors


Once you finish school and take your CPA exams, accounting can be a lucrative career that not only pays well but also makes you marketable to a wide array of employers. You aren’t necessarily stuck being an accountant either. Many jobs across the finance industry are looking for employees with a background in accounting. Banks and other financial institutions need people to translate, analyze, and break down the numbers, and accountants are trained to do just that. So, if you are considering a highly marketable career that will most likely land you a job once you graduate, accounting might be for you.


As the economy improves and more and more financial jobs are created, the demand for business majors has increased. Having this major opens the door to a broad range of careers, and also sets you up to continue your education down the road if you want to get an MBA. However, although business majors are highly marketable to many different companies, you need to consider the abundance of business majors across the country. Just have a realistic idea of where you want to end up when you finish, because you will be part of a highly competitive marketplace once you graduate. Make yourself stand out from the pack.

Computer Science

We live in a society that is greatly influenced by technology, and as a result, millions of jobs in the IT industry have surfaced. Whether you want to manually fix hardware issues/repair computers, develop software, or establish, troubleshoot, and maintain networks there is a broad range of possibilities with a computer science major. IT companies are looking for people with this type of background, because computer science specialists are incredibly important for technology companies. With such a wide range of career possibilities, computer science is an excellent choice for many different college students. Computer science graduates can earn a great salary too. So, if you like working with computers, consider this degree.


Nursing is an excellent career choice and graduates have an excellent chance of immediately landing a job with a four year degree. If you finish a four year program in nursing, it will give you an advantage over your colleagues with a two years associate’s degree, because you will be in line for a management role in the future. Nurses work long hours but can earn a great paycheck with ample overtime. Nursing is a great career choice and a degree will make you highly marketable.

As you can see, there are many choices that college students have when choosing a major, but you need to consider how marketable you will be once you graduate. Have a mental picture of where you would like to end up once you complete your education, and use your degree to leverage a career in the industry of your choice. If your major is not on this list, that doesn’t mean it isn’t marketable. In fact, the more specialized your major is the more likely you are to find a job since certain employers will be searching for niche employees.

At the end of the day, the important thing is getting your education and proving to employers that you can handle responsibility. So get out into the workforce and put those skills you’ve learned to good use.

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