Highest Paying Medical Careers

high paying health careers

Health care is a massive industry that employs a significant percentage of American workers. There is a wide array of different positions available to the right candidates. With a massive industry comes some very lucrative careers. These roles require an extensive educational background, but if you are willing to make extraordinary sacrifices, it will pay huge long term dividends. Having high aspirations is important, because working towards a lofty goal can set you up for success for the rest of your life. So, we have compiled a list of the highest paying medical careers. With some hard work and determination, you could eventually find yourself working in one of these roles.

1.)    Orthopedic Surgeons

For this career, the average annual salary is $430,000. They specialize in issues related to bones, joints, tendons, and ligaments. They also work in athletics, and are employed by professional sports organizations all over the globe. They fix injuries and monitor the healing progression. Typically orthopedic surgeons work in their own practice after gaining the necessary experience elsewhere. If you have ever broken a bone, or had a sports related injury, you likely met with an orthopedic doctor to resolve and correct your injuries. The surgery aspect is where they make the real money.

2.)    Neurosurgeons

The average salary for neurosurgeons is $340,000. They concentrate on issues related to the brain, spine, and peripheral nervous system. This type of surgery is highly specialized and a delicate approach is necessary. They also teach and instruct residents, as many doctors do. It’s always been one of the highest paying medical professions due to the nature of the work.

3.)    Cardiac Surgeon

At $285,000 per year, this is a high-risk high-reward career. Heart issues plague millions of Americans year after year, so the importance of cardiac surgeons cannot be overlooked. They diagnose and repair damaged hearts, which is the most important organ a human has.

4.)    Anesthesiologist

This career pays an average of $260,000 annually. They are responsible for pain management and administering anesthesia to patients undergoing surgery. They are responsible for keeping people alive, which is why they are so well-remunerated. They are present during the entirety of the surgical procedure, and make adjustments as necessary.

5.)    Obstetrician/Gynecologist

With an average salary of $255,000 per year, they study and treat the female reproductive systems and all of the issues related to it. They can also specialize in medical issues related to cancer. Generally, they are most concerned with pregnancy and child birth.

The medical field definitely has its fair share of well remunerated employees. All of these careers require a medical degree and a strong educational background. Doctors are some of the smartest people in the world, and they have the credentials to back it up. Huge sacrifices need to be made in order to become a doctor. Medical school is expensive, and the classes you have to take are some of the most difficult. However, as you can see, the rewards will eventually outweigh the difficult sacrifices you make. Being a medical professional is an excellent career choice, and you’ll have the chance to help people day in and day out. Just keep in mind that doctors do work an above average amount of hours, especially early in their careers. Also, these lofty salaries won’t take hold until you get some experience under your belt.  However, in the end it’s worth it, because doctors are some of the highest paid professionals in the American workforce. They are also rewarded for there work in ways more important than money, because they directly impact people’s lives in a positive manner every day.

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