Fastest Growing Industries In The United States

Best careers 2014When you are looking for a career in this economy, it is important that you take the time to find one that is looking for applicants. There are many popular jobs that have a long list of people applying to them—so long that you will never have a chance of being hired, no matter how qualified you may be. Instead of hoping to get the job, it is a much better idea to look at your skills and then see how they will match up with some of the fastest growing industries for 2014. Whether you are into real estate, trucking, computer engineering, or manufacturing, check out these top careers to see where you can apply and get a good paying job.

Top Industry Growth in 2014:


For many years now the field of manufacturing has been growing like crazy. People want products and lots of them, and businesses are happy to provide these products and services at a cost. But in order to do this, they need a workforce to fill the open positions and keep up. If you have any experience working with an assembly line or even in a front office with the customers, then this may be the field for you. This field can offer a lot of different positions—from management (working in the front office and taking calls), maintenance (fixing the machines), and working on the assembly line.

IT professionals

With the rise of the computer and the fact that pretty much every business is using them, it is no surprise that many companies are looking to hire a qualified IT professional. There are many different types of jobs that you can do that are related to computers, such as security, setting up new software, keeping the computers running smoothly, and so much more. There are also many different industries that you can work in with this field. For example, if you like to make video games and have some creativity, there are software and video game companies that are looking for your services. On the other hand, big corporations and hospitals might be more interested in hiring you to keep all of their information safe from hackers and to keep all viruses away.

Real Estate

Real estate is an industry that has really taken a hit while the economy was done. With people losing their jobs and not having enough money to pay their debts, many people defaulted on their house loans and others decided to just play it safe for a while. Now that the economy is starting to recover, more people are starting to look into purchasing a new home again, and this can be the industry for you. You can work as an independent agent or with a broker office in order to help them grow even more. The best way to get into this field is to find a real estate class in your area, where you can learn more about the industry and the steps to get started.


As the elderly start to approach retirement and need more help, the healthcare industry is expected to keep growing. There are many different areas that you can go into when you are considering this field, including nursing, doctor, physical therapy, counseling, home health aid, and so much more. Hospitals and private facilities are always looking to hire new people to help them out, and you can make a good living from it if you just take the time to get the right schooling. Make sure that you are also willing to work some longer hours (albeit fewer days), and that you can get along well with a large variety of people.


Businesses need truckers to get the goods that they want to sell across the country. A trucker is a valuable asset for large companies that have stores all over the place. Each week they can pick up the merchandise in one area and then get it to the area that needs it. Whether truckers work extra to make a good living, or whether they are home every weekend with their families, they make some of the best money in the industry.

Some of the other fast-growing fields that you may want to consider if you are looking for a career change include

• Support activities for mining

• Beverage manufacturing

• Oilseed and grain farming

• Crop farming

• Construction

• Computer systems design

• Personal and household goods repair and maintenance

• Chemical distributors

• Employment services

These are just a few of the exciting careers that you may want to consider, whether you are looking to switch jobs or to enter the job market for the first time.

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