Why Do You Want This Job?

Why do you want the job?Interviewers ask many different types of questions. Many of these questions sound quite simple yet the way you answer them holds the key to your success at the interview. You might think of ‘Why do you want this job?’ as a rather simple question. This one of those questions that are commonly asked during an interview.

Yes, this question is very common.

It’s quite simple too.

However, utmost care should be taken while answering this question. The hiring manager will know that you applied for the job because there’s an opening. But that’s not how you respond.

Usually, job applicants will respond by saying –

I want this job because there’s an opening.
I want this job because I want to work.
I want this job because I want to pay the household bills.
I want this job because I’m looking for a change.
I want this job because I hate my current job.
I want this job because it offers a higher salary.

Sadly enough, none of these answers will help you a bit. If you respond to the above-mentioned interview question in any of these ways, you won’t be able to make a good impression on the hiring manager and win over the employer so you could land the job. Though you may be citing the true reason, it’s not how you’ll impress the employer or the hiring manager.

So, how should you respond to – Why do you want this job?

Before you get ready to answer this common interview question, you should look at it as an excellent opportunity. It’s an opportunity that you can use to sell yourself to the employer, set yourself apart from other job applicants quickly and land the job before anyone else does.

Before you even open your mouth, the interviewer expects an answer that says you know all the details of this job, the whereabouts of the company and why you want to work with their company or organization.

So, don’t disappoint!

If you are really serious about impressing the hiring manager with your answer, you should think in terms of what the company does and why you look at them as a good organization to work with.

While answering this interview question, you also need to express that you are a candidate that likes taking on challenges. In fact, your reply should demonstrate your interest and enthusiasm of working for the company. With your answer, you really need to prove you are the right candidate.

If you planning to attend an interview in the future, don’t forget to prepare for this common interview question – “Why do you want this job?” Get ready to do some homework to know the company, industry position, and the future goals of the company you want to apply at. It’s highly recommended to come up with at least three to four strong reasons as to why you think you are the best suited candidate for a specific job position.

Are you really well-prepared to answer this common interview question? Please feel free to comment.

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