Top 5 Jobs for Tech Geeks

jobs for tech geeks

Technology is a staple of American culture. An incredibly high percentage of Americans use technology, and many of these people have gained a true love / understanding of it. If you consider yourself a technology buff, geek, or nerd, then read on, because there are plenty of careers available. Hop onto our website and take a look, because the demand for technology careers is currently increasing. Check out this list of jobs and see if anything is of interest!

1.)    Network Security

The demand for Network Security workers has never been higher, especially with the most recent string of cyber-attacks that have plagued the retail credit card and online database industries. It’s a very well remunerated profession, with an average yearly salary of $83,000. It will require a four year degree and some entry-level experience, but this is a great profession. If you are interested in keeping computers and information secure, consider this career.

2.)    Software Engineering

Software engineers are an important fixture in the IT industry. They make apps for computers and mobile devices, as well as develop useful and popular computer programs that are used in everyday life. They also are proficient in programming and development. Software engineers earn an average of $73,000 per year, and it requires a four year degree in Computer Science / Engineering.

3.)    Computer Troubleshooting / Repair

Many technology buffs have experience building, fixing, and maintaining computers. You could easily put these skills to use and start a career. These types of jobs can be found at many retail stores in the technical support department, or through smaller computer repair companies. Some of these workers make house calls to fix broken machines, or help people assemble new PC’s that have been ordered piece by piece. It’s a hobby that can easily turn into a full blown career. Computer repair is a great entry level position, and can lead to more lucrative careers in the information technology industry. The average salary for these positions is $38,000 per year.

4.)    Website Design

Web design and development is a skill that is usually learned without any educational background. Whether you’ve made your own websites / blogs, or helped develop them for others, it’s a skill that can pay very well. Web developers make an average salary of $45,000 per year working for an organization. If you freelance, which many web designers do, you can make upwards of $40-50 per hour. Charge a flat rate for the entire project and try to complete it as fast as possible. Your bank account will grow quickly.

5.)    Graphic Designer

If you consider yourself a tech geek but are more artistic than most, then graphics design is an excellent career path. They average about $43,000 per year, but freelancing is definitely the way to go. Build up your reputation through solid work experience and a high hourly wage will soon follow. Just make sure that you as constantly building a strong portfolio to display your technical graphics design skills to your potential employers.

It is truly an excellent time to have an interest in technology. The industry is growing and the need for solid computer specialists is rising along with it. It’s always a good idea to pursue your educational options before you take the plunge into an information technology career, because your potential for advancement into a higher paying managerial role will grow. Hobbies can easily turn into careers if you play your cards right.

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