Top 5 Jobs for Introverts

best jobs for introverted workersIf you consider yourself as having an introverted personality, or, that is, shy and reclusive, there are many careers available that suit your lifestyle. Maybe crowds make you nervous, or you just would rather be alone when you work. Being introverted can actually be an asset to many organizations, because it usually means that you will be productive on your own. Everyone needs to break out of their bubble at some point, but in the end, you can’t change your personality because it’s who you are.

Careers for introverted workers

Web Developer/IT Professional

Many people who develop websites do so under limited supervision. It’s a results based career, because you need to have a product to show clients at the end of the day. You can either work for a company, or even freelance, as there are sure to be several small businesses in need of your services. Just be ready to spend long days, and possibly nights behind a computer screen. This is the perfect job for those who consider themselves introverted, so long as they have an interest in IT and graphic design work.

Social Media Manager

It seems like a Social Media manager wouldn’t be for an introvert, but you’d be surprised at how little real world interaction occurs when you are constantly on Facebook. Your job is to engage users and provide valuable content that is interesting to read, which doesn’t require talking to anyone face to face. Being a social media manager requires you to be on a computer for most of the work day, and the only real interaction will be with a few coworkers or your manager. However, many social media managers work from home, which is perfect if you live an introverted lifestyle.

Accountant/Financial Services

If you work with numbers, whether it’s accounting or even data analysis, you are not likely to interact with many people on a daily basis. You probably will spend your breaks with coworkers, but as far as the workday is concerned, working with numbers requires peace and quiet. A hectic work environment will hurt your productivity. If you enjoy math, consider working in one of these roles, many companies need your services right now.

Truck Driver

Truck driving is the perfect career for an introvert. Sure you meet with different clients or warehouse managers, but usually your interaction is small talk. You have them sign the appropriate paperwork, park on the loading dock, either help unload or watch somebody else do it, and move on to your next stop. Truckers do work very long hours, but you are capped at 14 per day. If you are driving a long haul route, this means many hours of listening to the radio and being one with the road. If this sounds appealing to you, go for it, because the demand for truck drivers is always high. There is more freight that needs to be moved than people who can move it.


Sure there’s the courtroom and meetings with clients, but most of the work lawyers do is behind the scenes preparing for cases. Plus, when you go to law school, you will be sure to spend countless hours alone studying for your exams. Each court case runs in a similar fashion, and they are designed to be organized and efficient. This job is great for introverts because in order to be prepared, you have to spend extended periods of time preparing by yourself. But, just be careful you can handle the pressure of the courtroom, because when people’s livelihoods are at stake, you need to be as professional as possible.

There are many jobs that are suitable to the lifestyle of an introvert. You can pick careers with limited customer and client interaction if you are shy or nervous and like to keep to yourself. You could also consider working from home, as there are many jobs available for this line of work. It’s always better to overcome your introverted personality than to accept it, but we all know that people can only change so much. Not everyone can be outgoing or personable, it’s just the way it is. There’s a career out there for everyone, you just need to line yourself up to find it. 

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