Top 5 Jobs for College Students

good jobs for college studentsIf you currently attend college or are planning on attending in the near future, you need to think about what you can do to have some extra income in order to pay for your expenses while you are a student. Sure you can take out student loans to offset your tuition costs, but at the end of the day you’re going to need a paycheck to support yourself and spend on leisure. After all, college is a fun place and you don’t want to miss out on it. Most students receive little or no help from their families, which is made clear by the growing amount of student loan debt in America. Many colleges also offer work study programs, which allow you to work a certain amount of hours for university jobs each semester. Some of these jobs are more desirable than others.

Good jobs for college students

1.)    Bank Teller-

Most campuses have some sort of bank location on or near the campus. These locations are necessary because college students need access to banks and money. Most college jobs pay at or near minimum wage, so working as a bank teller is a great way to earn some extra money. Depending on your location, you could be earning 12 dollars per hour or more. Being a bank teller on campus is a desirable position, and you should apply if you have customer service or sales experience, since you will be constantly offering products and promotions. Just keep in mind that you won’t be getting a work study if you work as a bank teller, because they aren’t affiliated with the university.

2.)    Dining Hall Worker-

If you’ve ever been to a dining hall, you’ve seen the multiple jobs that you could potentially have. There are chefs, cleaners, dish washers, and card swipers. Working in the dining hall doesn’t pay well, but there is one great benefit—free meals! It’s great if you live off campus and are strapped for cash. They are usually very flexible with hours since everyone is taking classes, so working a shift that’s only a few hours is not out of the question. Get in, work, get your free meal, and get out.

3.)    Bus Driver-

Most college campuses have some sort of university funded bus line, since students need a quick way to get around to classes. Typically the drivers of these busses are students on work study programs. These jobs pay very well, sometimes almost 15 per hour. It’s a very desirable job to have, since it pays well, and you earn credentials to drive commercially with a passenger endorsement. Bus driving can always turn into a great part time job even after you graduate.

4.)    Book Store-

Every campus has a book store, which also means that every campus also has book store employees. These jobs are similar to any retail position, there are cashiers, product receivers, and stockers. If you are good with customer service and don’t mind being on your feet all day, then you should consider this job as your pursue your degree. Just keep in mind that you will be incredibly busy during book buybacks after finals.

5.)    Furniture Movers

The larger schools have departments that are responsible for moving furniture in and out of classrooms and dealing with the storage and auction of old materials. You drive around in trucks and move furniture all around campus. It’s a great job that pays well, and it will keep you in good shape. Also, you get first pick of any items that will go to auction, and often times you can find some gems.

Being a college student is a lot of work, but if you want to truly enjoy your time in school you should be trying to work part time and earn some extra money. Even if you’ve worked over the summer to save some money, at least consider one of these jobs. Every college student could use a little extra money.

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