Top 5 Government Careers

best government careersWhether you work for the State or Federal branch of the government, there are many great positions available. Like many government jobs, if you work for long enough, usually 20-25 years, your pension will kick in and you will enjoy great retirement benefits. Sometimes government jobs don’t pay as well as the private sector does, but often times the benefits are better. These are some of the things you’d need to consider before taking one of these careers. However, since government jobs usually have a lot of potential for promotion and raises, you should pay close attention to the opportunities that are available in your field.

Best Careers for Working in Government

1.)    Criminal Investigator-

With an average salary of $88,100 per year, and opportunities available in the private sector, criminal investigators have an awesome job. However, you will definitely work long hours and you will likely be on call for the entirety of your career. The major branches of government that employ criminal investigators are the U.S. Department of Justice, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Navy. Look into these departments if you want a career in this field. Just be prepared to work a very irregular work schedule.

2.)    Computer Science-

Computer scientists earn an average salary of $90,000 per year working for the government, and there are multiple opportunities available in the private sector. Computer science is a very broad field, and there are multiple career options that will be sure to present themselves. If you enjoy working with computers and consider yourself an IT professional, you should consider taking the leap to government employment. You’ll be happy you did. Computer scientists work in almost every major branch of the US Government, since technology plays such a critical role in everyday work life.

3.)    Chemist –

Chemists work for many departments, but they are mainly employed by the Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Navy. It will require at least a bachelor’s degree, but if you want to advance to a high level career in chemistry you need to pursue a masters or higher. With an average government salary of $90,000 per year, being a chemist can be a lucrative opportunity. There are also multiple opportunities available in the private sector, such as the growing pharmaceutical industry.

4.)    Economist-

Economists can earn a fantastic salary while displaying their expertise in finance and economics. The United States government faces many economic challenges, so this type of work is valuable to your organization. There are many economists working for the government you earn six figures, and the average salary hovers around $95,000 per year. Not bad for a job that usually requires a bachelor’s degree.

5.)    Astronomer-

Although there are some opportunities available in the private sector, the best jobs for astronomers are working in the government. Most astronomers are employed by Air Force, the Army, and NASA. Don’t think this job is easy though, you’ll need to understand many different concepts, including math an engineering. However, the average salary is $116,000 per year, which is sure to fund your telescope shopping spree.

Sometimes government work is the best option-

For some careers, working in the government can not only pay well, but also provide a better retirement option. All of these jobs require an education, but in order to earn that kind of money, you usually need some sort of bachelor’s degree. However, that is the case for many specialized jobs. The government is a great place to carry out your career plans, so if you are considering a job like this, start your educational program and take the necessary steps to complete your goals. You could be earning six figures doing something you love if you have the necessary skills and educational background, so get out there and start learning!

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