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Jobdiagnosis Offers Jobseekers Career Advancement Service

resume writing service

Online job board Jobdiagnosis.com is pleased to announce the release of its career advancement subscription service, which is geared towards helping jobseekers gain career skills and market themselves better through their resumes, cover letters and social media presence.  The subscription service is broken down into three pricing tiers, and depending on the package you purchase, […]

Outsmart Applicant Tracking Software and Get Your Resume Noticed

applicant tracking softwareapplicant tracking software

You aren’t going to have much luck applying to jobs online nowadays unless you structure your resume in a way that will agree with applicant tracking software.  Applicant tracking systems are kind of like robots for human resources; they use algorithms to search through resumes that are submitted for a particular job opening, to determine […]

Sample Resume for Customer Service Representative Jobs

customer service representative resume

When constructing a resume for a customer service representative job, it is important that you present your skills and accomplishments in a manner that will set you apart from other candidates.  You want the hiring manager to see from the first glance that you have what it takes to deliver exceptional customer service.  Below we […]

5 Resume Writing Tips to Put in the Past

antiquated resume practices

Many of us follow resume advice that we have received from people we respect, such as our parents, teachers and former employers.   We made some of these pointers the foundation of our resume writing style, and never thought to question them.  While these resume writing tips may have been completely worthwhile years ago, chances that […]

Resume Pointers for Recent College Graduates

college resume

Being a college graduate is a satisfying achievement, while at the same time overwhelming.  You have just completed several years of hard work, all to benefit your future.  But now the future starts.  In order to get started on your career path, you need a strong resume to sell yourself to potential employers.  This can […]

Resume Tactics for Unemployed Jobseekers

resume unemployed

Most job seekers have experienced a period of unemployment for one reason or another.   Various circumstances can lead someone to go a length of time without work, such as illness, family obligations, or a layoff.  Most hiring managers understand that unemployment is often a fact of life, and wouldn’t disqualify a job search candidate for […]

Optimize Your Resume Effectively for Search Engines

resume search

There’s much talk around the fact that an effectively written resume is the key to landing more interviews, down to every word in the document.  There couldn’t be more truth to this statement.  Hiring managers usually decide in the first few seconds of looking at an applicant’s resume whether or not it is a possible […]