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If you have any plans of advancing in your current career, there are a lot of angles you need to look at. One of the most important is constantly maintaining and improving on your overall reputation. There is no better way to land a promotion than to gain the respect of those who work around you. Here are some tips on how to accomplish this. Your reputation is just as important as anything else in the workplace, so it’s important that you make strides to improve every day. It will follow you for the rest of your life, so make it count the first time around.

1.)    Work on Communication

Good communicators blend confidence with legibility. They are usually very easy to understand and can get their ideas across better than the average worker. There are multiple types of communication, including person-to-person contact, online communications, telecommunications, or even non-verbal communication (body language). What most people don’t realize is that a majority of human communication is non-verbal. Body language and other non-verbal clues can be very revealing of a persons mood and personality. Becoming a better communicator will allow you to get your message across and simultaneously boost your reputation. It’s all about growing your level of respect amongst your peers, and this is an excellent way to help accomplish this goal.

2.)    Appearance

Some jobs do require employees to wear a uniform, but for those that don’t, workers should always consider dressing to impress. This might seem shallow, but first impressions are everything, and looking nice will have a favorable impact on the way coworkers perceive you. Receiving the reputation of being dirty, smelly, or messy will follow you around long-term. Revaluate your wardrobe and make sure you are always looking fresh. This way, when people think or chat about you amongst themselves they are more likely to view you in a favorable manner. People will notice your swagger—just leave the pocket squares and monocles at home. Swag overload can be a bad thing.

3.)    Land a Promotion

Once you land a promotion and get a taste of managing other employees or processes, people will naturally start to respect you more. Some excellent ways to assist in landing a promotion include constantly checking with managers for current and future job openings, pursuing professional certificates or accreditation, or continuing your education to learn new skills. Once you land a promotion, the next step is becoming a good boss that people will approve of. It’s all about balancing efficiency and effectiveness.

4.)    Results and Reliability

One of the best ways to gain the respect of your coworkers and managers is by being the most reliable. People who never call out sick and focus on punctuality are typically better off than those who don’t. Everyone has things they need to deal with throughout the week, but once patterns develop managers will start to notice. Always show up to work ready to do your best and strive to overachieve, especially if you are functioning in a similar role as others. By making yourself stand out you dramatically increase your chances of gaining more respect. Managers love results, so focus on getting your job done efficiently and good things will start to happen. Just don’t get complacent–otherwise you could get stuck in your role.

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