Jobs for the Right Brained

careers for the right brained

Being right brained dominant can position you for jobs that require creativity and artistic aptitude. These jobs are available across a large percentage of American industries. Being right brained gives you the ability to visualize projects, which is an excellent skill to have. Take this test to see which side of your brain you use the most. If you fall more on the creative side, then consider one of the following careers.

1.)    Interior Designer

There are multiple ways to pursue a career in interior design, but the easiest path is to accept an entry-level positon with a private design firm and work as hard as you can. A lot of interior designers go on to start their own small business or freelance service. However, taking this path requires experience and a solid portfolio of past work and references. Interior design requires creativity and the ability to see the big picture. They typically use freehand drawings and computer software to visualize projects. It’s a hands on position that taps directly into the creative side of your brain. The average salary for interior designers is $47,000 per year, but this number can increase significantly at the right company. Some interior designers can earn a six-figure income after years of sharpening their skills.

2.)    Graphics Designer

Graphics design is a great career and it can be obtainable with a limited educational background. Many companies will consider a two year degree or even a self-taught designer with an excellent portfolio. Graphics designers work across many industries, including marketing, advertising, and web-based business—to name a few. It can be a project as simple as adding a picture to a website or something as complex as creating a unique logo for a new small business. Graphics designers also have ample opportunity for freelance work, which is an excellent way to bolster supplemental income. The average salary for quality graphics designers in a full time position is $45,000 per year. This is an excellent skill to have and many people turn their personal graphics design hobby into a full-blown career. Start with mastering Photoshop and work from there.

3.)    Social Media Manager

This is a relatively new career, but as companies expand their online presence the need for quality social media management increases exponentially. Being creative is a requirement. Social media is an excellent way to build a loyal following and share information with the fan base. If the company is large enough this can be a full-time job. Social media managers at smaller organizations typically only spend a few hours per week updating and improving these pages, but they play a necessary role. Good social media managers boost engagement and drive traffic / promote brand awareness. The average salary for Social Media Managers is $45,000 per year, and it’s a career that can lead to bigger and better things.

4.)    Writer

Writing is an excellent career for right brained individuals because creativity is a requirement when drafting quality content. Writers are thinkers and are able to translate these thoughts into comprehensible words. They generate news articles, sports pieces, blogs, creative writing projects, and other forms of content. There is no true educational requirement for becoming a successful writer, but having a bachelor’s degree is always a good place to start. The average salary for full-time writers is $55,000 per year. It is a highly creative role that is flexible and fun. Most writers enjoy what they do, because their voice is being heard.

There are multiple job opportunities available for highly creative right brained thinkers. These skills are needed across multiple industries. Take a look around and see what’s out there. A lifelong career could be a closer reality than you realize.

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