Careers for the Left Brained

jobs for left brained

Catering your job search based on whether or not you are left or right brain dominant is an excellent idea because you should always play into your strengths when choosing a new career. Check out this quick thirty second test to see which one applies to you. Left brain dominant thinkers thrive in positions focused on logical thought processes, mathematics, sequencing, and linear thought. Jobs requiring rigidity and structure are perfect for these types. Right brained thinkers, on the other hand, usually prefer creative or artistic roles. Check back tomorrow for the best careers for right brained thinkers. Take the test and see what side of your brain you use the most, and consider the benefits of choosing a career that will cater to these strengths.

1.)    Scientist

Chemists, Biologists, and Life Science professionals are all excellent jobs for the left brained. It involves a large amount of data and the ability to understand and execute structured processes. Logical thought and discovery based on fact are all part of the daily life of a scientist. There is a certain degree of creativity that goes into it, but it’s a career that is more focused on factual evidence, mathematics, and logic. They enjoy analyzing facts and discovering new information. The best scientists are those who are always willing to take on a new challenge and are able to carry out job duties with a high level of accuracy. The salary range for all scientists is large, but a good mid-career estimate for these positions is $75,000 per year.

2.)    Lawyer

Most of the day to day responsibilities of a lawyer involve left brain thinking. They attend court hearings, prepare and analyze court papers, and deduce laws / regulations. It’s a high level job that requires the ability to tolerate stress, investigate facts, communicate information, and work to solve difficult problems. Being able to tap into the right brain can also be helpful, especially on complex problems or issues. Coming up with a creative solution to a difficult problem can be a game changer during legal battles. Becoming a lawyer is an arduous and challenging process, but with some solid effort and dedication it’s always a possibility. The average salary for lawyers is $113,000 per year.

3.)    Accountant

When we think of jobs that require left brained thinking accounting is always near the top of the list. They deal with numbers and formulate solutions to financial issues. They dabble in taxes and can even start their own profitable service to assist clients during tax season. They usually work in a deadline and results oriented environment with little to no supervision. It is certainly not the right job for everybody, but it’s an excellent career that pays well. Quality accountants are always in high demand so finding a job should never be an issue with the proper educational background. The average salary for an accountant is $55,000 per year, but this number is brought down by the large amount of part-time accountants and bookkeepers in the industry. A salary in the $60,000 to $80,000 range is a very realistic possibility for full time accountants.

4.)    Computer Programmer

Being a computer programmer is a “nose to the grindstone” type position that requires the ability to fully concentrate on one task at a time. Eventually you start to learn patterns and methods of getting the job done faster, but it certainly requires attention to detail. One small mistake in code can negate multiple hours of work, so accuracy is important. Computer programming can involve one of many different coding languages, and having knowledge in as many of them as possible will expand your career potential. Typically they work in an office setting, but it is work that can be done from home or in a freelance capacity. The average salary for computer programmers in America is $75,000 per year.

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