Balanced Leadership Style

What type of leader are you?

leadership styleBeing a manager and leading a team is no easy feat. It’s hard to determine which management style is most effective.  You need to think about what kind of boss you want to be, and look at it from an objective standpoint. Are you a strict and aggressive boss? Sure people are getting things done, but are you making them stressed or unhappy and lowering worker morale? Are you a nice and passive boss? Everyone might appear cheerful and exuberant, but are they taking advantage of your friendly demeanor and not working as hard as they should? Management style can have a direct impact on overall worker productivity, so being good at what you do is incredibly important for your organization. You want your employees performing at a very high level, so you need to balance your management style to address those priorities. Not only will your workers start performing at a higher level, but you will also look good to your superiors when your department realizes their potential.

Good and bad managers

We’ve all had good and bad bosses, or at least heard about them. But what makes a “good” boss? It’s not necessarily determined by whether or not he/she is mean or angry. In fact, there are many bosses who are sarcastic, callous, and abrasive, but they have employees performing at a high level. It really comes down to what industry you are working in. For example, a mean boss in a high-level finance job might make you stressed and unhappy at times, but when your organization is dealing with billion dollar transactions everything needs to be perfect. You need a boss who isn’t afraid to tell you that you are wrong. Now, we’re not saying that you should get out there and start managing your employees with an iron first, but what we are saying is that some careers require a strict style to accomplish daily tasks. When you are a manager of any organization, the performance of your workers inevitably falls on you. If you are being too soft on people, they might start to take advantage and you’ll surely see your productivity fall. You need to strike the balance between being too strict and being too nice. If you do, a bright future lies ahead, because good managers are a hot commodity all over the United States job market.

Focus on the bottom line

Depending on what type of job you do, there is likely potential to become a manager if you are working as an associate. You need to figure out which management style will work best for you. Are you going to be a “buddy” manager who relates with their employees on current issues or sports topics? Or, are you going to be the opposite–a manager who never makes friends with employees and uses abrasive tactics to get the job done. Whichever strategy you choose, just make sure that you look at it from an objective perspective first. Also, you need to do whatever is best for the company you are working for, because your actions will have a direct impact on their bottom line. You want your workers to be as happy and productive as possible, since there is a direct correlation between management style, worker productivity, and bottom line. However, if you can keep the interests of both sides intact and become an excellent manager, then you should have an optimistic outlook on your career. You will soon be a highly sought after asset for any organization.

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