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High Paying Career Paths for Creative People

starving artist

For creative types, it can sometimes be a struggle finding a career that makes ends meet while simultaneously allowing you to follow your passion.  Yet the arts have had such a positive impact on the world and those that possess gifts such as the ability to paint, write and play an instrument are truly talented […]

Seven Benefits of Working for a Small Business

small business

When searching for a job, a comfortable work environment is paramount, and what it takes to create that differs with each individual.  While the idea of working at a large corporation can seem glamorous to some, many people have found their niche in working for small businesses or startups.  There is so much opportunity to learn and grow, […]

Five Features to Look for in a Commuter Car

commuter cars

So you’ve landed your dream job, but it’s quite a hike from your home, especially considering you will be traveling there with the rest of the world in highway traffic.   Or maybe you have been commuting by automobile for a while now, but would like to find a way to make your journey more comfortable […]

Five Jobs for the Spiritually Connected Population

spiritual jobs

As the world and society becomes more complicated, so do peoples’ lives and problems.  As individuals age and grow, many seek a spiritual solution as a way to give their life direction, motivate and help them through difficult times such as unemployment, health issues and family crises.  Likewise, there are many people out there who […]

The Importance of Choosing the Right Employee Benefits Plan

employee benefits

When searching for a job, many peoples’ eyes light up when they hear high salary numbers. But in reality, many salaries aren’t as high as they sound if they either aren’t offering an employee benefit plan, or the benefits provided are low quality. The long-term costs that employment benefits such as retirement investment options, health insurance and […]

Medical Coder Jobs

medical coding

Medical Coding Jobs are abundant in the health care industry. They work for hospitals, doctor’s offices, and other health care locations to maintain accurate reimbursement for health care claims. The best way to earn a Medical Coder Job is to pursue an associates degree or certificate program. As with most health care positions, the benefits […]

High Paying Jobs that Didn’t Exist in the Past

future jobs

The job market is always changing, and the last decade has seen a huge shift in high paying careers that previously did not exist. They are new but extremely important in today’s economy. These jobs will exist well into the future, and employees who make the commitment will be well paid for years to come. […]

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