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Excel Tips for Beginners

excel tips

In today’s day and age, basic knowledge of computers is becoming increasingly important. Older generations never had to use them to be successful. As a result, many people have limited or no knowledge of essential computer programs. Certain industries will require this knowledge, so it is important to know in order to be successful. The […]

Working at a Golf Course

jobs at golf courses

Golf courses employ people from all walks of life, from high level golf professionals who are responsible for teaching lessons and running the pro shop/golf operations, to chefs and culinary experts who prepare food for patrons on a daily basis. Golf courses hire people with a broad range of skills. Whether you are an accountant, […]

Jobs of FIFA

Jobs of FIFA

Many of us find ourselves watching the World Cup. Every four years we get to watch some amazing soccer matches, and we get to see our favorite players boost their stock. A good tournament could mean a promotion and new contract with an elite organization. Some of these players earn millions of dollars per year, […]

Job Hunting Tips

job hunt tips

When you are unemployed, the pressure is usually on to find a job. Most people have expenses or even others to care for, so when money is tight anxiety can begin to set in. There are many resources out there to help you find a job. You can use a search engine, like JobDiagnosis, that […]

A Day in the Life of Wait Staff

becoming a waiter/waitress

Have you ever considered becoming a waiter/waitress? If you have, you’d be joining an industry where you work for tips and rely on the generosity for your customers to earn a living. However, if you are good with people and don’t mind dealing with unruly customers, then maybe waiting tables is for you. Waiting tables […]

Side Gigs for Teenagers

side jobs for teenagers

Anybody can work. If you are under the age cutoff to be placed on a company payroll, there are other options to earn some extra money. America has strict labor laws which are designed to protect the interests of children. However, with the summer around the corner, every teenager would appreciate a little extra money. […]

Start Your Retirement ASAP

start your retirement

Many people never realize the benefits of starting and maintaining a solid retirement plan. This especially applies to young adults who do not think about their future. The simple fact is that the earlier you start saving for retirement, the more comfortable your lifestyle will be when you are living your senior years. For those […]

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