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Available Jobs at FIFAMany of us find ourselves watching the World Cup. Every four years we get to watch some amazing soccer matches, and we get to see our favorite players boost their stock. A good tournament could mean a promotion and new contract with an elite organization. Some of these players earn millions of dollars per year, but without the multiple workers associated with the FIFA organization, the World Cup wouldn’t exist. These workers operate in a multi-billion dollar industry, and are essential to the success of this tournament. But have you ever wondered what people do for work besides sell tickets at stadiums, clean up after fans, and usher people to their seats? Well, if you have, then you should read on!

Different Careers Available for the World Cup


Creating a brand is not the easiest of tasks. When FIFA first started, it was not a very popular worldwide event. Soccer had always been a niche sport, so finding a solid global fan base was surely a challenge. This is why they starting hiring talented Marketers. Today, FIFA is a 1.4 Billion dollar industry, and this success can be partly attributed to a strong Marketing department. This type of work involves creating campaigns, commercials, and internet materials in order to reach a good fan base. They have to come up with slogans and jingles, help in the creation of merchandise, and promote the teams in a favorable manner. There is also local marketing, where these workers advertise certain events in the hopes of selling out as many games as possible. Some games don’t sell out, but with a strong local marketing division, more tickets are sold and more revenue is generated. There are four departments in FIFA Marketing. They are Sales, Marketing Alliances/Event Management, Strategy/Brand Management, and Ticketing/Hospitality.

Legal Affairs

Working in the legal department of FIFA is a hectic but rewarding career move. There are multiple roles for these professionals, including player compensation issues. There is also a department that handles the disputes and cases related to red/yellow cards. They are also responsible for disciplinary action, hooliganism, and general ethics. Luis Suarez learned about the legal department the hard way when he decided to act out of line in the game against Italy. They fined him 100,000 Swiss Francs and banned him from all soccer activity for four months. The legal department of FIFA has been incredibly busy thus far!

Communications and Public Affairs

This division of FIFA consists of four different departments: Media, Corporate Communications, Content Management Services, and New Media. They are responsible for managing the communication related activities on a daily basis, including media operations, editing and creating FIFA related publications such as reports, brochures, and magazines, public relations, and managing the FIFA website. This department is critical to the success of the FIFA organization, because they are responsible for communicating with the general public and getting necessary information out in the open.

There are many other jobs available at FIFA, but all of them would require moving abroad temporarily unless there is a tournament in America. However, a job like this could be an incredible resume booster and a great life experience. Who wouldn’t want to work for an organization that is responsible for ensuring the success of the most popular soccer event in the world? If you are not a specialist, traveling abroad might not be a reality, but there are jobs available for people of all walks of life. These events require a group effort from many different people. The top end business aspect is just as important as the stadium workers. However, managing the finances, marketing, public relations, and human resources is essential to the success of FIFA. If you are interested in reading more about this, you can check out the FIFA website. Although working overseas might not be your cup of tea, it’s interesting to know what goes into the operation of FIFA, especially if you are a fan. 

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