Worst Careers for a Relationship

worst jobs for a relationship

Some jobs are terrible for relationships because they can prevent you from spending time with your significant other or might lead to financial issues. For the most part these are excellent jobs, but they don’t leave much room for leisure time. Often times a decision needs to be made—keep the relationship going or continue working in the same role. For the most part, workers in these careers have a much lower work/life balance and an overall higher rate of divorce. Check out this list of jobs that are simply terrible for a relationship.

1.)  Investment Banker

An investment banking role pays incredibly well and the amount of money you make only increases with time. Savvy investment bankers also have the option to invest a significant portion of their own income into the stock market, and since they are seasoned professionals this usually translates to big bucks. Even though this is a great job that pays well into the six-figure salary range, the hours can be tough. It’s not out of the question for young investment bankers to work over one hundred hours per week, especially during busier times. This doesn’t leave a lot of time for managing a relationship. For the most part, however, investment bankers enjoy the pursuit of money, so this type of arrangement works out for them.

2.)   Bartender

Bartenders always seem to be working during the best times to hang out with friends. The typical shift happens at night, and bartenders might not get out of work until well after last call. Also, the fact that bartenders get to meet an abundance of people doesn’t help keep relationships strong. There is always the chance that they might find someone else during their shift. It’s definitely not impossible to juggle a full-time bartending job and a relationship, but it’s surely a challenge. Even if a bar closes at 2AM, that does not guarantee that a bartender will get to leave. There is a lot of other prep and side work that needs to get done to make things flow more smoothly for the next bartending shift the following day. Also, the fact that bartenders work for tips can often mean financial problems since they are never a guarantee and can be an inconsistent form of income.

3.)   Military

There are plenty of strong relationships built around a career in the military, so it’s not necessary a deal breaker. However, the fact that most military members will end up overseas for an extended period of time makes it an unattractive option for those seeking relationships. The hours are highly irregular and the work can be incredibly risky and dangerous. A lot of couples will end up stronger than before after a stint in the military, but it’s not the best career option for those interested in keeping a strong relationship with their significant others. It’s a stressful career and can really start to take its toll in more ways than one.

4.)   Real Estate Agent

Selling homes can be one of the most stressful jobs out there. Any commission-based position will naturally require a lot of effort and meeting sales goals can be a nerve-racking undertaking. The best real estate agents are always on the grind, which doesn’t leave a ton of time for managing a relationship. Also, real estate agents have a very inconsistent form of income, so financial issues to occasionally arise, which is never good for a relationship. There might be periods of great success, followed by periods of no sales activity.

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