Top 5 Jobs for the Socially Inclined

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Does the triad of Work – Play – Socialize seem interesting to you? If yes, then maybe a career living and working with others would be right up your alley. Jobs for the socially inclined can be hard to come by. However, we have prepared a list of 5 such jobs that will demand a high level of wining and dining. We have compiled a list of jobs for social butterflies. If this seems interesting to you, then read along!

1.   Event Planner

Estimated Average Pay: $45,000

Events happen every day so there is a large demand for an efficient planner who can organize chores such as buffet replenishment, drink refilling, after party disassembling etc. It is like party help behind the scenes. The ultimate goal is to make the client happy as well as their guests. You can do this as an entrepreneur and eventually branch out and expand your business. It doesn’t stop with parties—event planners are becoming an essential tread for successful marriages, weddings, corporate events and professional meetings.

People love event planning because it makes life a little simpler. If you have a responsible person who can organize your events, it take a lot of stress away. They can bring your party to that next level, which is a great thing. ­The better the economy does, the more opportunities you will ultimately have, since people don’t mind spending their disposable income on a successful party.

2.   Hotel Manager

Estimated Average Pay: $50,000

As a hotel manager you will be responsible for making sure everything runs smoothly and efficiently. You may have to train workers and make sure that everything is getting done on time, but this is a good option for people fond of interactions with others. Being a hotel manager can be an exceptional career for the socially inclined. You interact with hundreds of people on a daily basis.

3.   Sales representative

Estimated Average Pay: $40,000

Sales representatives get a chance to interact with people not only on the phones, but also face-to-face. Since you will likely be working on commission you will be motivated to reach out to as many clients as you possibly can. Sales reps are constantly interacting with colleagues and managers, as well as new and old clients. Just Smile, Dial and deal! Follow this mantra to motivate your buyers and a lucrative career in sales will soon follow.

4.   Fundraisers

Estimated Average Pay: $50,000

If you love being associated with people on a philanthropic front, then the profession of a fundraiser would be an excellent choice. They play an important role in raising funds for a general cause, company or organization, and are usually associated with philanthropic cultivation in society. They also do writing of letters for fund-raising, charity event coordination, etc. All of this means is that you will become a true socialite while doing your work. Wheeling and dealing could net your organization a healthy donation, so you need to be very socially inclined. Proper manners and excellent communication skills are a must!

5.   Networking Associate

Estimated Average pay: $60,000

Networking associates are in high demand. If you have tremendous social and networking skills, then the possibility of getting a job as a networking associate is not a tough task. You will either focus on social media or enhancing networking connections in and around your organization.

What do you think about these jobs and their potential for engaging and interacting with people every day? Tell us in the comment section below.

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