Top 5 Customer Service Careers

best customer service jobsWorking as a customer service representative can be a rewarding yet stressful job. It’s great when you can help someone find what they need or answer an inquiry that they may have had, but it can be incredibly stressful when customers are yelling at your or breathing down your neck. However, you need to realize that it is your job to deal with these situations and display good conflict resolution in order to make customers happy with the results. You are the main representative of the company you work for, so you want to make sure that you are doing the best you can to ensure that this happens. So, if you are interested in customer service work, or have made a career out of it, then read on and check out this list!

Best CSR positions-

1.)    Vacation Planning Counselor

Typically these employees can work from home, which is an excellent option for many. Not having a commute and proving that you are responsible with limited management is a great quality to develop, and it will help you if you ever go searching for jobs later in your career. Vacation planning counselors assist people in booking and planning their vacations. Typically you will train at an on-site location and then move on to carry out your work from home obligations. 

2.)     Blood Donor Recruiter

Another job that is typically in the telecommute capacity, blood donor recruiters are responsible for contacting customers who have previously donated blood to ensure that they regularly return to give more. You need to be flexible with your hours, because you will likely be working in a part-time role working split-shifts, meaning that you work in the morning, take a long mid-day break, and then get back into it at night. This is a great job for the right candidate, however. You can easily work another job during your mid-day break if you need more money, or just enjoy your time away from work.

3.)    Retail Customer Service

Although these jobs typically pay less than other customer service roles, they are some of the best for gaining experience when you are starting out your career. Every retail location will hire employees for this function, because customer satisfaction is the highest priority. If consumers aren’t pleased then you risk sabotaging your whole business. It’s also great helping people find what they need and being able to interact with them in person. With the right amount of experience, you’ll be able to move on to higher paying roles with other companies.

4.)    Bank Teller

If you are good with handling money and cross-selling products and services, then maybe a bank teller is the job for you. It’s an excellent part-time job for college students, and can even serve as a full time career for some. You get to deal with people all day, and they usually don’t blow up and talk to you rudely. It’s a comfortable job and banks are a great place to work.

5.)    Commission-Based CSR

Typically these roles do involve some sort of sales, but if you have the opportunity to earn commission you should at the very least try it out. If you are good at your job, you can supplement your income. Just make sure that you are comfortable with selling different products and be ready to have the phone hang up. However, you’ll start earning a good salary in no time.

Are these jobs right for you?

Working in customer service can be a great career for some, and with an average salary hovering around 32,000 per year, there is definitely room to earn a decent salary. These types of jobs are abundant, and companies are constantly hiring new employees to work in these roles. Keep at it for long enough and you can become a manager, and you’ll be happy earning that salary for the rest of your life. Just make sure you think about starting a 401k or other retirement plan because it’s going to be important when you get into your 50’s and 60’s. 

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