Top 5 Boring Jobs

most boring jobs

For the following careers, the day to day work priorities are monotonous and boring. Being employed in these positions takes patience and perseverance, but the paycheck makes them an alluring option. If you don’t mind sitting in the same place for an extended period of time, then consider one of the following options. What might seem boring to some, could be the perfect career option for others—it’s all about personal preference.

1.) Security

Some security roles can be fun and exciting—especially those that involve constant interaction with people. However, many security jobs involve being in one place for an extended period of time. Some places need constant surveillance, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to a busy work day. Having little or no work to do can really take its toll, and sometimes it might seem like the shift will never end. The average salary for security guards is $10.26 per hour, and most employees are contained to part-time positions.

2.) Retail Stocking

This is truly one of the most boring jobs in existence. The days are long and the pay is low. Being a stocker in a retail setting does mean that you will be present on the sales floor, which means customer interaction. You need to help people find products and merchandise when they have questions—it’s the only part of the job that prevents boredom. When you have a lot of merchandise to put on the shelves, the work day can go by a little faster, but it’s a highly repetitive and monotonous task that can really take its toll. The average wage for retail stockers is about $10/hr, and you can make a slightly higher hourly rate by working the overnight shift. These positions are typically unionized, so although they are boring they are safe, steady, and usually provide good benefits.

3.) Assembly Worker

Assemblers work in the manufacturing sector to prepare products for shipment to customers. They spend their day meeting production quotas and moving completed product down the conveyor belt. Assembly is a boring job because workers are constantly doing the same tasks over and over. It’s not a challenging job, and the days go by incredibly slow. All it requires is the ability to work quickly and read / interpret blueprints. Some industries pay better than others, but the average wage is $11.50/hr. Assembly workers in the automotive industry can makes upwards of $15/hr.

4.) Loader / Unloader

Typically jobs that are highly monotonous are considered boring, and loaders / unloaders definitely fit this mold. They spend most of their day in and around loading docks unloading freight and organizing merchandise. Each day is a grind, and the physical labor aspect is unappealing to many. However, despite the dullness, it’s still a good career. It’s honest, blue collar work, and there will always be willing applicants. A good amount of this work is done using heavy equipment, which can take the labor aspect out of the picture. The average pay is $11/hr.

5.) Dental Hygienist

The fact that you work with new customers on a daily basis make this job slightly more tolerable, but it’s still a boring job. The repetitiveness makes the work day go by slowly. Despite the negatives, it’s still an excellent job. It’s one of the only careers that can pay $65,000 – $75,000 with only a two years associate’s degree. Just be prepare to grind it out during workdays that seem to never end if you decide to pursue a career in this field.

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