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In today’s workforce email can be one of the most important components of your company’s communication practices. It allows people to connect all over the world, and provides an unmatched level of convenience for getting your point across. Communication via email can be just as important as communication in person. Being a good “emailer” can have a dramatic impact on your career, because it helps boosts your credibility and reliability. If you are a dependable worker and always respond promptly to your messages, people will start to notice. Don’t be the worker that is hard to reach. If your employer gives you a phone for answering emails, then you should always be on top of your game. If you show your company your dedication, it will have a positive impact on your career. A promotion could soon follow if you play your cards right. Managers love good communication, and this is a great way to gain their confidence. Here are a few tips for being an excellent “emailer.”

 Helpful Email Tips

1.)   Respond Quickly

Emails require thought, so don’t just simply respond quickly without putting some effort into it. However, if you strive to respond quickly and efficiently to each email you receive, you will be included in more of them. A simple, “OK” or “Got it” to a seemingly unimportant email can make a huge difference. Even if a manager has a full inbox, confirmation can be a powerful tool. When employees don’t respond to emails in a fast and efficient manner, it looks bad. It looks like they aren’t taking their work seriously; or even worse, not doing it at all. If you are having trouble responding to emails on time, then consider having your work email synched to your smartphone. If you work in a results oriented atmosphere, this step is crucial to your success. You should be able to receive emails wherever you go, and respond in a reasonable time frame. If you can respond to emails in under and hour, you are doing a good job.

2.)   Clean and Organize Your Inbox

Keeping your email inbox organized is very important because not only can important messages get lost in the fray, but being more organized can make you more efficient. You never want to miss an important email, but it can happen if you aren’t careful about keeping your inbox clean. It can seem like a daunting task if you have let your emails pile up, but it’s worth the time investment. Organize everything into folders so if you need to refer to an older email you can find it more easily. Keeping things organized also makes it easier to prioritize your tasks since it will give you greater visibility into your requests. It might take an hour or two to fix your issues, but it will save you time in the long run. Once you have it clean, be proactive and keep it that way.

3.)   Be Concise

In the email world, nobody will care about grandiose vocabulary or your ability to write a novel. You need to keep it short and sweet. People don’t have time to cut through the fluff in order to figure out what you meant. Many successful people are short with emails, but they still get the point across. The less time someone spends reading your email the more time they will have to get work done. If you send a short email, be careful and make sure that you are answering all of the questions being asked. Don’t leave the recipient confused and wondering what you meant.

4.)   Use Lists

If you are sending an email with multiple steps, using a list can come in handy. You can use bullets or numbering as well. It makes it easier for people to respond because every question is laid out in a more organized manner. Sometimes if you are asking a coworker or employee to accomplish multiple tasks at once and you put it into one paragraph, they can forget about some of the steps you need done. Keeping everything in a list allows the recipient to go through a mental checklist and ensure completion of all tasks. This step is more about personal preference, but it can definitely make you a more efficient “emailer.”

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