Pros and Cons of Working From Home

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There are currently millions of workers who telecommute for at least a portion of their workweek, and this number is constantly increasing. Becoming a high-quality work from home employee doesn’t happen overnight, and usually requires reliability, punctuality, adherence to deadlines, accountability, and independence. It’s not the role for everyone, and definitely has its pros and cons. But, for some people this is truly the best option. Check out the following list of the pros and cons of telecommuting. If this is the type of job you are looking for, there are many options, including plenty of listings at Just be careful when you apply, because often times “work at home” or “telecommuter” job listings can be scams. Make sure you properly research the company and investigate the listing before you give away any personal information. You could also try asking if the job is a telecommuter role during the interview if it sounds like something that can be done without direct supervision. If you are capable of getting the job done, there is not reason why you can’t do it from the comfort of your own home.

Pros and Cons of Working From Home:


There are multiple advantages to working from home. The first is the ability to take care of day to day activities at your home. Usually work from home employees are deadline-based, which means that the schedule can be flexible. If you are getting the work done and making yourself available for inquiries during business hours, the hours don’t really matter.

Another benefit is the ability to work independently without being over-managed. When an employee works from home, he/she specializes in an area that doesn’t require managerial intervention on a regular basis. The workday flows smoothly and there is less stress caused by pressure from management.

Work at home employees will typically have more freedom during the workday. They can cook healthy meals, take the dog for a walk, exercise, or watch television in the background. As long as the work is getting done in a fast and efficient manner, management won’t be concerned. It gives you freedom to spend the workday the way you choose, without being forced into an environment that you otherwise wouldn’t enjoy.

Telecommuters don’t need to travel to work on a daily basis, and this simple fact alone will save money. They don’t buy gas, coffee, pay for tolls & parking, or expensive lunches. These expenses add up, and the monthly savings can be significant. If you buy a coffee in the morning and lunch in the afternoon, the savings could be hundreds of dollars per month.


Even though there are certainly plenty of benefits to working from home, there are also a few drawbacks. The major one is the fact that you need to work alone, which eliminates the possibility of making friends & networking connections in the work place. You are essentially on an island, and everything you do needs to get done while you are alone. Being in an office or around coworkers is great because of the human interaction. Also, collaboration and teamwork happen much more smoothly face-to-face. Telecommuters are better served in an independent role with limited team collaboration. This is why there are many work at home sales, customer service, healthcare, and IT jobs.

Another drawback to telecommuting is lack of networking. When you work in person, you get to meet high-ranking members of your team. Telecommuters can really only network via LinkedIn or other social media outlets, and it’s difficult to actually meet these people when you are constantly away from the office. Even though networking can be tough for these types of workers, it’s not impossible. You’ll just need to work a little bit harder than your average 9-5 office worker to establish these types of connections. Strengthen your social media profiles and start connecting with people in your professional network.

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