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best service jobs

Working in a service-related role can turn into an excellent career if you choose the right position. These jobs are usually dedicated to helping others and completing tasks that people otherwise do not have the time to complete themselves. There are no educational requirements for any of these positions, and most can be a self-employed situation. Sometime it’s better to work for a company or organization, although the pay might be lower. This will at the very least guarantee you steady hours and a regular work schedule. Take a look at the best service jobs for 2015.

1.)  Dog Walker

People buy dogs, and often times they do not realize how much work goes into caring for them. For people working full-time jobs, a dog walking service is usually a necessity. It’s simply not fair to leave your dog home alone if you plan on being away for more than 8-10 hours. Enter the dog walker. Sometimes they just show up for 30 minutes in the afternoon to pick up animals and walk them, and other times they stay for longer and ensure the dog is properly exercised. Anybody can find a job as a dog walker, but self-employed workers need to make sure that they are properly insured. They can earn anywhere from $10-$20 per hour.

2.)  Housekeeper

Most housekeepers work for a company. However, there are several who are self-employed, and this is typically the way to earn the most money. Sometimes house keeping can get a bad rep, but some roles are excellent. Housekeepers who work in an executive setting can actually earn a good income. If a housekeeper is self-employed, they can expect to earn anywhere from $10-$20 per hour. Sometimes it’s based on a flat rate for an entire project, and if you can assemble a team to get it done fast, the hourly wage will increase.

3.)  Personal Trainer

Personal trainers earn good money, and they do it while enjoying the things they love. It’s a requirement to be in excellent shape, since you will want to set a positive example for all of your clients and reflect a positive image on your organization. The highest earning personal trainers work on their own, but it’s usually harder to find clients in this manner. The average salary for all personal trainers is slightly over $50,000 per year, which is excellent for a job that doesn’t require a college education.

4.)  Babysitter

Babysitting has always been an excellent way to earn money for people of all ages. Some babysitters work full-time, but most pick up a few hours per week on a part-time basis. These workers have to do a lot, including meal preparation, transportation, and general cleaning around the house. Hard working parents deserve the opportunity to spend the night out away from home, and babysitters make this a possibility. Having children is a huge responsibility so paying to have somebody watch over them in your absence is well worth every dime. Babysitters earn between $10-$15 per hour on average, but it can be more or less than this depending on the situation.

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