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exciting careers

Exciting jobs can be hard to come by, but they are the perfect fit for adrenaline junkies and thrill seekers. Tired of that 9-5 desk job? Consider one of the following careers and spice things up, considering the most trilling aspect of your current role is probably where you’ll go for lunch, or how you’ll patch up that most recent paper cut. It’s not about how dangerous the job can be, but rather, how fast they get your blood pumping.

Exciting Careers for 2015

Police Officer

police officer

For the average police officer every day is different. They truly never know what type of crime will happen next, and need to be ready for anything. It could be something as small as a noise complaint, or something as intense as a car chase. And, small crimes can turn into bigger crimes. For example, a minor traffic stop can transform into a major drug bust, or a minor disturbing the peace charge could turn into a felony evading. It’s all in a day’s work for a cop. They thrive on excitement–live and breathe it.

Scuba Diver

professional diver

Scuba divers work in multiple capacities, and there are plenty of opportunities since it’s such a specialized career. Check out the following job titles:

Diving Instructor, Law Enforcement Diver, Underwater Welder, Marine Biologist, Golf Ball Retriever, Navy Diver, etc.

There are a lot more, and even opportunities to start your own business. If diving is your true passion, there are definitely jobs for you. Move somewhere warm and get down to business!

Stunt Double

exciting jobs

Jumping off moving vehicles. Parkour. Roundhouse kicks. Falling down stairs. Traversing raging infernos. Are you a true adrenaline junky? Are you ready to put your body on the line for a paycheck? Do you bear resemblance to a movie star? Consider becoming a stunt double! Not only will you make excellent money for your services, but you’ll also get to work around rich and influential people. The higher the risk (more dangerous the stunt) the higher the reward. If you are willing to stare death in the face day after day and hour after hour, this is the job for you!



Firefighters really do have an exciting job, but it’s also one of the most dangerous. When there is a fire they risk their lives all in the name of social betterment and honorable actions. The training regimes are tough and you’ll need to stay in excellent physical shape, but it’s worth it. Typically firefighters work two or more 24 hour shifts each week, and many of them have a second job. It’s possible that a firefighter will spend the duration of his/her shift hanging out in the firehouse waiting for the next call. But, when the alarms sound, it’s time to spring into action.

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