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job hunter tipsWe’ve talked about job hunting tips in the past, but the process is constantly evolving, and you always want to put yourself in the best position to succeed. Over the past few months America has been experiencing significant job growth, and the unemployment rate has been steadily dropping. If you are in need of work, you should be focusing on these areas of growth, and trying to make yourself as strong of a candidate as possible. Some staples in the job hunt will never change, but if you stay flexible and keep up with industry trends, then finding your next career should be no problem! As always, use our search engine to apply for jobs at JobDiagnosis. We added a new search bar feature above to make it easier, so check it out!

Identify the Strong Areas of Growth

When you are looking for a new career you should always check to see where the majority of jobs are being created. Three industries that come to mind in 2014 are real estate, building construction, wood manufacturing, and computer / software design. These are definitely some industries you should focus on as you advance in your career, or start one from an entry level position. Also, keep in mind that when the economy is “growing” and jobs are being created, many of these positions are part-time in retail, so it never really gives you accurate picture of the entire job creation landscape. Always focus on the industries that are growing the fastest. If you currently work in an industry that is going out of style and shrinking quickly as we make technological advancements, then you need to start training yourself in another disincline ASAP unless you plan on retiring soon after your tenure. Putting yourself ahead of the pack will help you land an excellent job, but it will require a high level of planning.

Go Green

The “Green” industry is an undeniable grower and will continue to expand into the future. Since our entire infrastructure is based on the consumption of resources that not only pollute the environment but also will eventually run out, we need to start focusing on coming up with new ways to power our industry. Countries such as Iceland have taken giant leaps in this revolution, focusing on geothermal energy to meet the country’s needs. Since this industry will continue to grow, it can be a great place to focus your job hunt. There are many jobs that will require some or little educational background, and are an excellent way to get your foot in the door at a reputable company. There are positions for people with a multitude of skills, and you would be surprised at some of the jobs that you qualify for.

Optimize Your Resume

This is a no-brainer and has been discussed on this blog in the past, but the importance of having an optimized resume cannot be overlooked. This means picking out the important keywords in each individual job, and customizing your resume submission for each position. This process can be time consuming, but if you are applying for a competitive role it will automatically put your resume into the short-list. Human resources departments at larger companies use keyword scanners for the first round of resumes, so having an optimized document will surely help your cause.

Understand that the Competition is Fierce

With more and more people realizing the importance of a solid educational background, jobs are becoming more competitive. There are simply more qualified applicants for jobs. You need to realize this when you are in the midst of your job hunt. We’re not saying to avoid applying to jobs that are a stretch, because you should always reach for your dream. However, if you need to find a job quickly this is not the best option. Your job search should include a significant portion of easily attainable careers, as well as a good percentage of careers that might be a stretch. You never know what might happen, but you want to make your job hunt flow as smoothly as possible, especially if money is tight.

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