Reduce Job Interview Anxiety and Achieve a Positive Mindset

interview anxietyIn this economy, just getting an interview, let alone a job, can be a huge accomplishment.  So when you schedule an interview for a job you really could see yourself performing well at, you want to make sure that you are in best form for the event.  Job interviews are not something you can do over again if you don’t get it right the first time.  Therefore, it cannot hurt to take any measures that will reduce interview anxiety, and possibly increase your chances of being received well by the company that is interviewing you.   Follow the suggestions below to put yourself in the best possible mindset and calm your nerves before the interview:

1)      Research the company

Be sure to check the website of the company you are interviewing with and become very familiar with its mission statement and details of all of its products and/or services.  Read up on any recent awards or accomplishments the company has had, and any other recent news or developments relating to the company (these will serve as excellent conversation starters).  Also be sure to have a good idea of how long the company has been in business, who founded it and the names of other top level executives.  Feeling like you already know the company and the people in it will give you a new level of confidence and reduce job interview anxiety.

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2)      Become familiar with the position for which you are interviewing

Thoroughly review not only the job description you were given for the position, but other job descriptions that you can find online as well, to get a fuller picture of what your responsibilities will be and the skills required to carry out those responsibilities.  This will allow you to feel more comfortable and prepared for the job interview.

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3)      Be prepared to apply your experience to the position

Come up with several challenging work situations you have experienced in the past, how you overcame them, and what you learned from them.  Be prepared to explain how they relate to the responsibilities you would have in the job you are interviewing for.

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4)      Prepare questions to ask the interviewer

At the end of an interview, it is important to have questions to ask, as this not only shows your interest in the company, but allows you to get a better feel of whether the position is the right fit for you.  Some topics that are worth exploring include the company’s future plans, what problems you can help solve for the company, and the other staff members you will be working with if you get the job.

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5)      Exercise and eat a balance meal

You want to be in the best physical state when you interview, and this means being energized yet relaxed.  Exercise releases endorphins, which greatly reduce job interview anxiety, and make you feel happier and more focused.  Eat a filling meal that isn’t too heavy so you don’t feel lethargic and weighed down.

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6)      Clear your mind

A job interview typically only lasts an hour or two, and in that time you want to be thinking of nothing but the task at hand.  If you are distracted, not only will you inhibit your performance, but it is also likely the interviewer will be able to tell.  To calm your nerves before the interview, take a few a few deep breaths  and expel thoughts about any troubles you are dealing with in your day to day life.

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