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Tech has always been a sector with some excellent high-paying jobs. They all require an extensive educational background, but the great salary, excellent benefits, and abundance of American jobs make it a worthwhile collegiate investment. The most general degree that will prepare you for a career in these fields is Computer Science, but there are other paths you can take. For those who are considering going back to school to finish a program, sixty credits at a local community college is usually a great option. There are some excellent state schools that take on good community college students, and most of the classes are catered to the typical 9-5 work schedule. Online classes are usually a great option as well. They are also significantly cheaper than traditional public and private universities. If you are considering a career in tech, be sure to take a look at one of the following careers:

1.)    Database Administrator

Average Salary – $96,000

Databases are an important part of most major companies, because they are a way to store customer information. Many departments will access them, including customer service and sales, to name a few. Usually this information is sensitive, so database administrators ensure that all data is safe, secure, and properly backed up in case of a breach or loss of information. Properly running a database can be a full-time job, and at larger companies it might take a whole department to run it. A background in Computer Science is the best way to land this type of role. Often times this work can be outsourced, but like many other tech careers, some of the best work is done on homeoil. Companies will pay a premium to keep their databases secure.

 2.)    Network Security Engineer

Average Salary – $100,000

In recent years there have been multiple data breaches that have seriously impacted bottom lines and overall reputation of many companies. For example, the databases of several US retailers were compromised and a large amount of data was lost to hackers. Enter the network security professional. Not only do they establish proper systems and ensure that everything is up-to-date, but they also monitor security day to day. Any time a problem arises, network security professionals must be able to follow company procedures & guidelines. Doing so keeps information safe and secure. They ensure the proper function of company software, systems, and networks.

 3.)    IT Manager

Average Salary $115,000

Every major company needs a solid IT team to keep the network and computer systems up to date and functioning. IT managers oversee these efforts and make sure everything is getting done correctly. They manage the tech infrastructure of a company, and depending on the products being sold, it could be a huge responsibility. This is why IT managers operate in such a well-remunerated role. Whenever an issue arises involving information technology issues, IT Managers must be properly equipped to handle any situation.

 4.)    Software Architect

Average Salary – $120,000

A software architect is a similar job to a Software Developer, but they typically handle projects that are more advanced. A lot of people talk about Developer jobs being outsourced oversees, and this is definitely the case in many situations. However, American colleges produce some of the best and well-rounded employees. If a manager is seeking high-quality Developers, they will typically focus their search to American applicants. When it comes to sensitive and expensive software programs, you simply cannot skimp on quality. The end product will suffer. For those who decide to major in Computer Science, a career as a Software Architect is an excellent option.

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