Four Great Jobs for Teens

best jobs for teens

We all remember our first job, and it’s no secret that some are much better than others. Jobs build responsibility and develop skills that will come in handy later in your career. As soon as a teenager is of legal age to work, they should jump on board. Having some extra money in your pocket is a great feeling, and teenagers don’t need to rely on their parents as much when the paychecks are rolling in week after week. Consider one of the following positions if you or your child is seeking employment. These jobs are attainable for any entry-level worker. Some people say that teenagers suffer academically and socially if they are spending their free time at work. Others say that they will meet people at work and will learn how to manage their real-world responsibilities. The end result of an education is to find a good job, so learning how to cope with a busy schedule at an early age can go a long way.

1.)    Cashier

Cashiers can work in a variety of companies, but the most common places are at grocery stores. It’s an excellent job because cashiers build skills in multiple areas, including cash handling and customer service. Cashiers can land jobs with no experience, and the skills gained after a few years on the job can apply to your next career. Also consider applying as a customer service representative, bagger, or U-Scan associate. These jobs are all directly related and pay a similar rate. Retail is a flexible industry, so finding hours to fit around a school schedule should never be a problem. There is also potential to move into retail management, which is a great career. The average pay for cashiers is about $9/hr.

2.)    Lifeguard

Lifeguards protect swimmers and monitor overall safety of the swimming area. They can find work at beaches, lakes, or swimming pools. Some lifeguards never have to rescue a swimmer, but preparation for any situation is important. They learn first aid and rescue procedures just in case any serious incidents take place. However, most of a lifeguard’s day is spent sitting in one place. Lifeguarding typically won’t lead to advancement within the industry, but successful completion of job duties can land you an excellent reference or letter of recommendation. Be on time and work your hardest. Lifeguards can make anywhere from $8-$20 per hour, depending on location and venue. Typically, beaches will pay on the higher end of this range.

3.)    Babysitter

This is a great job for teens and can even be done before the legal working age. All it requires is a responsible kid who has experience or is willing to learn. Most babysitters start small, and only deal with family or close friends. However, as you start to babysit more the word will get out and more opportunities will come your way. It’s a pretty simple job. You keep the child entertained, fed, and well-taken care of. Babysitters can make anywhere from $8-$25 per hour, and it’s all cash.

4.)    Camp Counselor

Many children attend summer camp year after year. Once you start to meet more people, it can turn into a job. Camp counselors are responsible for monitoring activity, watching after children, and organizing activities. ­­­Having previous experience working or attending camp isn’t a requirement. If you know what camps to apply at then finding a position should be simple. Just make sure you time your application properly. Applying in the early spring will help guarantee your role for the summer. Camp counselors typically make $8-$12 per hour depending on the camp.

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