Five Hottest Tech Jobs of 2014

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The information technology sector is constantly growing, and although many of these jobs are trending overseas, America has continued to expand on its solid foundation of high level technology jobs. For people interested in computers and how they work, there are several excellent career options that would make you very happy to come into work every day and provide you with an excellent lifestyle. Some IT jobs are the cream of the crop across all industries, because the work-life balance and excellent salary make the job worthwhile and highly desired. We have compiled a list of the top options for IT careers, and they are jobs you should always aspire towards if you want to advance in your career. 2014 is a year that is already seeing great technological advancement and you should become a part of it.

 1.)    Network Security Engineer

Network Security Engineers ensure that all data is secure and that a company’s network systems cannot be compromised by hackers. Recent data attacks have shown us the vulnerability of even the most secure systems to hackers. You’ll need to be able to enact new network policies and strategies and also come up with a plan in case of emergency. Network security is also an excellent paying career at $83,000 per year. Having skills related to project management and troubleshooting are also key.

2.)    Web Developer

Having the ability to develop, design, and operate websites is an excellent skill. It’s even possible to work in a freelance capacity or start your own business. A ton of work goes into creating a website, and as it grows, more and more work will need to get done. The best way to land a good job as a web designer / webmaster is to start building a portfolio of work you have done in the past. The average salary of a web designer is excellent, at 62,000 per year. Many designers make six figures for premium services.

3.)    IT Manager

Working as an IT Manager at a large company will usually mean a six figure income. And for good reason. Without a well-connected and well-maintained computer network. IT Managers have a wide variety of responsibilities, but they usually work to ensure that every employee has access to a high level of technology. This could mean troubleshooting issues and helping employees access files, or even overseeing the manual setup and maintenance of the company network. They average salary for IT Managers is $120,000. They are critical for the success of every major American company.

4.)    Programmer

Being a computer programmer is an excellent skill that can be easily attained through limited education. You don’t need a bachelor’s degree to get involved, and usually a technical college degree will suffice. Computer programmers can also be self-taught, so it’s important to keep a strong portfolio of your work and maintain your references. The average salary for computer programmers is $74,000 per year.

5.)    Mobile Developer

We live in the age of apps, and being able to design successful mobile apps is an excellent skill to have. In order to land a high level position you’ll need to get some entry level experience, but after two or three years you’ll be making an excellent salary. The average salary for mobile developers is $90,000 per year. Overseeing the design and ensuring the implementation of a successful app can make millionaires overnight.

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