Excellent Roles for the Tech Sector

best tech jobsDoes technology interest you? Are you always up to date on the development and availability of latest and greatest product, app, or hardware. If yes, you should consider taking a look at some of the available jobs around the tech sector. It’s constantly growing, and jobs are always being created on American soil to meet the market demand for new products. It’s a broad industry that encompasses many different forms of technology, but here are the best of best. If you are looking to break into this field, consider one of the following roles.

Best Tech Jobs

1.)    Software Engineer

A lot of people talk about tech jobs being outsourced to other countries since labor costs are significantly cheaper. However, for software development, the best workers for high-level American software projects can be found on home soil. Simply put, you cannot outsource your software development team if you expect the company to perform at a high level. Outsourced tech labor can be an excellent way to cut costs, but there are often too many drawbacks. A software engineer averages $94,000 per year, and there are plenty of six figure jobs available. Once you learn these skills, they can be applied across many different industries within the tech sector, which improves your overall workforce marketability.

2.)    App Manager / Developer

Right now we are in the middle of the mobile app age. Companies are seeing value in creating a better interface for mobile devices. The scope of internet search is expected to change over the next few years, with mobile search surpassing desktop search for the first time in history. More people than ever are using their cell phones for everyday tasks, and having an app can help facilitate positive activity is a great way to reach people and make money. Having the ability to plan, program, develop, and launch mobile apps is a great skill for the tech sector, and there are multiple high-paying positions available for specialists. A full-time app developer makes an average of $90,000 per year; but, for the entrepreneurial type, the earning potential is limitless. Maybe you’ll develop the next Flappy Bird and earn millions per month. All it takes is a vision and a plan.

3.)    Database Administrator (DBA)

Database administrators are responsible for keeping information secure and ensuring that every employee has clean and safe access to the information they need. Companies with small data sets don’t have need for a full-time DBA, but for the ones that handle large amounts of sensitive information (personal information, credit cards, etc.) a DBA is essential. They help prevent data breaches and thwart the attempts of malicious hackers. The average salary is 78,000 per year, and depending on the company, it could be a very busy workday. For a DBA, there is always work that needs to get done.

4.)    Programmer

Often times programming gets the reputation of being tedious and repetitive work that gets boring after a while. However, some people thrive on being good coders, and as a result, they open up future job opportunities. Quality programmers are always in high demand, since the skills that they bring to the table can be beneficial for companies that deal with websites or apps. Programmers usually work full-time, but there are endless freelance projects available across the country if part-time income is necessary. There are many different kinds of programming language, and the more you specialize in the better off you will be. Programmers can be self-taught, can attend a community college or technical school, or even a four-year bachelors in computer science. It’s a great skill to have and can be applied to not only web development, but also apps. The average salary for programmers in the USA is $69,000 per year.

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