Careers of the Electric Car Industry

electric car careers

Electric cars have been around for a while, but America has never contained the infrastructure or been able to provide the technology to create a feasible mass-produced vehicle until recently. Companies like Tesla, Toyota, BMW, Chevy, and others are leading the electric car revolution, and as a result, many new jobs are being created that were not previously available. Electric cars are the future of America, because they not only decrease our reliance on oil but they are simply more cost effective as a means of transportation. Coupled with improved renewable energy technology, electric cars are quickly becoming a popular option for the American car buying experience. It’s entirely possible to run an electric car on energy you produce at home. Looking for a new job? Consider getting your foot in the door in the electric vehicle industry.

1.)    Car Sales

In order to continue building and improving electric vehicle technology, a strong set of sales professionals is needed. Some companies specialize in electric vehicles, like Tesla, but others have simply added it as an option to their current line of gas-powered vehicles. Being a sales person that specializes in electric cars could turn into a profitable career at the right dealership. It requires knowledge of many different things, such as maintenance, lifespan, and estimated cost of repairs later down the road. Electric cars will eventually need a new battery, so this is a cost that needs to be factored in when purchasing this type of vehicle. The technology is getting better, but it certainly has not been perfected. Having a great electric car salesperson is an asset to any team that needs to move these types of vehicles.

2.)    Electric Car Tech

Electric cars use a lot of the same systems that gas-powered vehicles use. This means that certain parts of the vehicle, like brakes, suspension, etc. are almost identical to normal cars. The major difference is in the engine. This difference has opened up new job opportunities for car mechanics to pursue. Being an electric car specialist is excellent because it usually pays better and there is a higher demand for new workers but a lower supply of specialists. There are several technical schools and colleges around the United States who have already added the electric car specialization to their current curriculum, but it can be hard to find. Electric cars are only getting more popular, and being able to properly fix and service them is an important skill to have for any mechanic.

3.)    Marketing Manager

Electric cars are still relatively new, and many people still do not understand the advantages of swapping to electric. There are several misconceptions about these vehicles and the average American needs to be informed. This is why being part of a Marketing team focused on promoting electric vehicles and building brand awareness can be an excellent job with great advancement potential. Marketing can happen in many different ways, from a television commercial to an internet banner ad offering a special promotion. Marketing is a creative industry with a large amount of trial and error, but a successful campaign can translate to huge profits for your organization. Those with prior experience in Marketing and an interest in electric cars should consider pursuing a career in this industry.

4.)    Information Technology

Information technology is a very interesting field when it comes to electric vehicles. There is the standard office-type IT role, where employees are responsible for protecting the company network, setting up accounts / passwords, maintaining the server and network connections, and troubleshooting general inquiries related to computers. However, since electric cars are essentially a big computer on wheels, IT applies directly to car technology as well. Those who specialize in programming might find an excellent niche working on and improving electric car technology. This type of job will net an excellent salary, but it’s hard to find workers who specialize in this type of work. Most of the training will be carried out by the company, because this really is not an area that a technical school or college would prepare you for.

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