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best art careers

Being proficient in the arts can translate into a fun and rewarding career where your creativity and artistic acumen are put to the test. The skills you learn as an artist can translate to multiple careers, so you will certainly have options if this is your passion. Several industries have the need for high quality artists, so if you focus on your education and build a solid portfolio of previous work projects, the job offers will naturally start pouring in. It’s simply a myth to think that a major in the arts will not produce a stable and productive career. Read on to check out the top 5 list of jobs for those who excel in the arts.

1.)    Animator

This is a job that spans across multiple industries, including film, television, entertainment, publishing, video game design, and computer-based animation projects. It will require a high level of creativity and the ability to work well under deadlines. Employees in this profession report long hours and a periodically stressful environment, but it’s an excellent job that can reward your creative expertise. The average salary for animators is $48,000 per year, but this number can increase significantly at the larger television or movie studios.

2.)    Interior Designer

A major in the arts is not a requirement in becoming an interior designer, but it certainly helps. A lot more goes into this process than simple design. Sketching, computer-assisted design, and drawing play a huge role is quality interior design. They can work in hotels, commercial real estate, and home-based design projects. The salary depends on many factors, but the average lies around $40,000 per year. However, the top interior designers earn six figures. If you start your own service, your salary will increase significantly.

3.)    Fashion Designer

Fashion design is an excellent gig. These professionals need to have a keen eye for beauty and an appreciation for fashion. Staying on top of industry trends is paramount to the success of any fashion designer. Many jobs in this discipline can be obtained through only a two year technical degree. The average salary for a fashion designer is $45,000 per year.

4.)    Graphic Designer

Sometimes graphic designers can be self-taught, but is always helps to have a graphic design, art, or computer science degree. The need for high quality graphic design is always in demand, especially with the popularity of web-based jobs. Landing a salaried graphic design job will require a few years of experience and an excellent portfolio of past work. Try your hand as a freelancer to earn extra money. The average salary for graphics designers is $42,000 per year.

5.)    Art Director

This is the pinnacle of art-related jobs, and for good reason. They are responsible for sound management and organization of all art-related projects. The job is ever-changing, and high quality research into industry trends is necessary. The average salary for art directors is $80,000 per year, but the potential to make six-figures is always a possibility. This will require proven results and multiple years of experience.

Any art job will require dedication and patience. It’s not easy to find the perfect job in this industry, but the need for quality art work is always present. Consider a bachelor’s degree your best option for finding quality work, but with a proven track record and strong portfolio finding jobs will be easy.

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