Best Jobs for Travel Lovers

jobs for travelers

Are you someone who loves traveling? How about getting paid to travel, or work to finance your traveling lifestyle? There are plenty of jobs that fit this description. Take a look!

Top Jobs for Travelers


Freelancers can literally work anywhere in the world. It’s the perfect work situation for students abroad, or simply people who love to live their lives on the go. Finding your first freelance gig can be difficult, but once you build up a portfolio of past work and a solid resume, the jobs will come fast and furious. Some of the common freelance opportunities involve writers, translators, virtual assistants, and web designers. Sites like and make finding freelance work a reality. The most important part is to get a good ranking and optimize your profile. This way when you start to apply for jobs, more opportunities will present themselves.

Flight Attendant

Flight attendants travel all over the world. When they arrive at a destination they usually get onto another plane headed in the same direction, but there are often layovers. Theoretically they could travel all over the country in one day. They also receive a great benefit—free travel for themselves and family members. Flight attendants get paid to travel to exotic locations, which can be the perfect fit for those who love to travel.

Tour Guide

Tour guides can work in a variety of locations and it’s really up to your imagination. It’s a great work situation but your location will really come down to where you want to live. To become a tour guide there are two main options. You could reach out to a tour guide company or landmark. Or, you could try starting your own business, which a great option for those that consider themselves a “go getter.”

Truck Driver

Truck drivers spend most of their days on the road. For those who enjoy traveling constantly it’s a great situation. Some consider it a “lonely” profession, but most truckers would disagree. You get to meet interesting people every step of the way, even if you spend most of your work day behind the wheel. There are two major ways to start a career as a trucker. The first and most popular is to find a company that will pay for schooling. The catch is that you’ll need to sign a contract to work for a certain period of time—usually two years. This provides job security, but if you decide to quit you’ll be on the hook to pay for your education. The other option is to pay for the schooling and licensure yourself. Major trucking schools do provide financial aid, and you can even take out a student loan to help cover the costs. The choice is up to you. If you love traveling, maybe a career for trucking is right for you.

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