Best Bilingual Jobs

best jobs for the bilingual

Being proficient in two or more languages can help you land a multitude of positions in today’s workplace. If you can apply the skills that you have learned in the workplace with the necessary skills on job applications, then you stand an excellent chance of landing one of these careers. Companies that deal in international affairs or serve a client base from a different language or culture need high quality bilingual workers to deal with the day’s responsibilities. If finding a bilingual career seems right for you, then read on for this list of the best jobs.

1.)    Translator

Translators earn an average salary of $40,000 per year, and can work in multiple roles. A growing majority of translators are dabbling in freelance projects. However, many companies have the need for full-time translators, so you could just as easily find an in-house position at a reputable organization. One of the major sectors that hire translators is in website content creation. As websites expand internationally, they need quality translators to replicate content onto other pages in proper grammar. It’s an excellent career, but will require fluency in two or more languages.

2.)    English as a Second Language Teacher

Teaching English to students of a different language does not require you to be bilingual, but having expertise in their home language can make a huge difference. Being bilingual makes you a valuable asset to these types of educational programs. When people come to America, learning English become a top priority, and ESL teachers provide the tools to learn the language quickly and effectively. The average salary for ESL teachers is $38,000 per year.

3.)    Bilingual Customer Service

Many companies deal with broad client bases who speak different languages, and need bilingual customer service agents to help deal with customer requests. The major companies that hire such workers are credit card, telemarketing, collections, and cable companies. The fact that you speak two or more languages will automatically raise your salary, because the combination of customer service experience and language expertise make you more valuable in certain roes. The average salary for these types of positions is $44,000.

4.)    Law Enforcement

This is another situation where being bilingual isn’t a requirement, but it helps immensely in the field. Knowing other languages can definitely make you a more effective police officer / detective, especially in towns or cities in the southern parts of the United States where the Hispanic population is larger. Being able to communicate with the public can go a long way. The average salary for bilingual police officers is $54,000 per year, and the salary will depend greatly on location and size of the department. However, being bilingual in this profession will open the door to many more opportunities.

5.)    Social Worker

Social workers earn an average salary of $40,000 per year, and concern themselves with improving the lives of others. Often times they are assigned cases where the parties involved do not speak English. Being bilingual in social work makes you more valuable, because it will allow you to handle more cases and more responsibility.

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