America’s Riskiest Jobs 2015

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Some jobs are downright dangerous, but workers risk life and limb every day because it’s either what they love to do, or the paycheck is just too good to pass up. Workers need to weigh risk and rewards before determining whether or not these positions are for them. Here is a list of the riskiest and most dangerous American jobs.

Dangerous Jobs for Brave Workers

1.)   Specialty Welding

In general welding is not a risky career. It can get dangerous, but usually the work is done in factories or shops. But some jobs require highly specialized and ambitious welders who won’t back down from any job. Some things need to be welded underwater. It’s one of the most dangerous gigs, but it pays incredibly well. Some things need to be welded at extreme heights. Whatever the case may be, specialized welders get the job done. The pay is great, but the jobs can be difficult to find. It takes bravery, skill and precision. It might not provide full time hours, but it will provide full time wages—you just need to be ready for any job that might present itself. Be ready to work in all types of conditions, rain or shine.

2.)   Commercial Fishing

Commercial fishing is one of the most dangerous careers. It has some of the highest injury and fatality rates of any career, which can make it unattractive to some. Fishing has its ups and downs. When the weather is nice and the fish are biting, it’s a great experience. They can make tons of money and the day to day work is enjoyable. But this isn’t always the case. When the weather gets rough things get dangerous. If an injury happens, you’re out at sea and it’s difficult to get proper medical attention. Many fishermen die on the job, and it has one of the highest fatality rates of any position. But it keeps the bills paid, and many workers don’t have other options. Sometimes entire towns revolve around the fishing industry.

3.)   Logging

Logging jobs are risky and most workers end up with a significant injury at some point in their careers. The workday is full of hazards—most of which cannot be predicted. Loggers work through all weather conditions, and constantly operate dangerous heavy machinery. The danger of logging jobs is depicted on many television shows, but they don’t do it justice. They need to have their head on a swivel.

4.)   Mining

Mining jobs are risky for several reasons, evidenced by the high fatality rate. The reason these jobs are so dangerous are because of the long hours, confined spaces, and remote locations. If workers are injured and need medical attention, help won’t come right away. Also, many miners end up with lung issues and other long-term health issues arise. But in certain areas of the USA these are the best jobs.

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