Volunteer Opportunities for 2015

volunteer opportunities

If you find yourself with some extra time on your hands, consider volunteering. In fact, some of these opportunities can blossom into full-blown careers. Pick something you are truly passionate about. Even if you only have a few hours per week to give it’s a worthwhile experience.

Animal Shelter

Finding a volunteer opportunity at an animal shelter is easy. There is always a ton of work that needs to get done as long as you are willing to get a little dirty. Working with abandoned animals can be a fulfilling and worthwhile experience, and can even turn into a government job if you are dedicated and a good fit for the position. You’ll help keep animals clean and exercised and coordinate the adoption of a broad range of animals. If animals are you passion, consider this type of volunteer opportunity. It’s a way to work around animals without having to obtain a full-blown medical degree.

Nursing Home

Working at a nursing home is a great idea for several reasons. Many volunteers start at a young age to fill school requirements, or to even boost their college application. It’s a great resume booster. When you work at a nursing home, there are often residents who don’t hear from family or friends very often, and your presence changes that. It makes life that much more enjoyable for them. You can play cards or bingo, or even just hang out and chat. The nursing home employees will love that you are there to help!

Red Cross

Volunteering for the Red Cross can turn into a serious time commitment. It depends on several factors. You could volunteer helping with disaster relief, or even at a blood drive. If you visit www.redcross.org there are plenty of opportunities. You’ll just need to time your application with current events or seasonal trends.

Toys for Tots

Around the holidays many generous Americans donate toys for children around the United States. But it all happens at once, so there is a seasonal need for volunteers. You’ll report to a warehouse full of toys, and it needs to be sorted. This type of volunteer work is great for several reasons. Not only is it fulfilling, but it also will help open opportunities for unemployed jobseekers. You’ll be able to network and make connections, and if you prove that you are a good worker your colleagues will realize it. There are many management-type workers who volunteer at these events, and they might just snatch you up for the next job opening!

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